Salvia Trip

First Tiempo por favor


Posted by Anonymous on 11/07/2007
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Type/Strength:plain leaf
Dosage:like... 2 leaves
Method of Ingestion:joint/smoking

So this is my first time with sally here, ill put it under level two just cause, heres the deal
I rolled her up and smoked her, holding it in and all that rubbish. anyways i didnt get anything... well reall and tangible other than a subtle relaxation. and an overall heavyness of my body, although i wasnt fully anything othr than that.

the interesting thing was when i fell asleep, Which was shortly after, it being late and i was going to sleep anyway.
My dreams were very intense, and incredibly clear in terms of things I could remember, the actions and my persseptions in the dream were very vivid.

For example at one point I was riding in a car and very clearly READ words in my dream(a sign post), something I have never been able to do in my dreams. Also in waking life i hadnt shaven for quite some time. and in my dreams someone said to me "The beard looks good, but it clashes with your chest hair" in real life i hardly have any, and so I responded "What? I dont have any chest hair" and i became drasticaly worried and searched an searched, pulling my shirt away to look i found nothing but was paranoid for the rest of my time there, and eventualy eafter i searched for what was minutes of paranoid seach I eventualy found a gowth of hair over 2 inches long sticknig out of the pit where my esophagus intersects the collarbone (you know that little divot) for the rest of the dream all my attention was on the hair and as i was going around (being shown things which appeard very circus-like in apearance of the area) but i couldnt focus on such things, I had sprouted hair from my neck! and i stroked it like someone would stroke a long beard. contemplateing it how did I get this hair!

I also had another dream but it pertained to a question i had in my mind at the outset (always trying to figure out things) aswell it was personal in nature. but suffice it to say it was also very vivid and exact to the point. The actors spoke with clarity I had never experienced (ususaly when people talked in my dreams they "speak" but do not move mouths, and hardly ever have recognisable faces) but this one spoke and had features, I belive this was to emphasize how real of a vision it had been.


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Posted by Eveready on 01/19/2011
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It was in the morning right before going out to work I put up a little bit of 10x extract on my pipe, and inhale a puff smoke.
Some 30 seconds right after, my own being was hovering as I was moving around before leaving my apartment.
So, I did realizd that we are more than just a body and his feelings, I did find out we do have a soul that accompanies all the time.
It was such an enlightening experience, being able of existing outside my physical body.

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