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First time, last time


Posted by Anonymous on 02/04/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Smoke

Ok this was the first time I've done salvia and prolly my last. I didn't know much about it and I was with about 10 friends and one of them had some salvia so I decided to try it when I had no clue what I was in for... I took the biggest hit I could without choking, and right when I realesed the smoke it INSTANTLEY hit me, like someone punching me in the face. All of a sudden I was drooling and laughing. Then my body didn't exist anymore, it was just my mind. I was outside my body swimming through the air in the room. I could see all my friends and I could see MY body sitting on the couch. Shit hit the fan when I saw my body just sitting there. Next thing I new I was flipping through some huge book trying to find the right reality and dimension to go back to my body. There was nothing, just that book with a thousand different dimensions. I was scared shitless thinking I was never to return to reality or my own body. Then all of a sudden I came back to my body and my friends were picking me up from the floor. I was still confused on what happened to me. Was I back in the right reality? Was this my body? Who am I? I was kicked back into reality when I saw my friends talking to me and was thankful to be in my body again. I slowy became back to being sober and my friends told me a I did was go from the couch to the floor just laying there still not saying anything. As it was the most insane trip I've ever been on it is most likely the last trip on salvia for me. Sorry for typos I'm on my iPhone.


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Posted by JoeBloggs on 04/02/2011
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Now you know, you come back, maybe next time you will be more relaxed and not panic, and then it will be a whole different experience, I had to do it about 3 times before I really got into it and it started to became educational and though provoking If you can go with it and learn from it, She's your friend and guide :o)

Hope you try again and it's better next time



Posted by Diotima on 04/07/2011
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Does salvia give you OBE?
Why does everyone see "A book"? I haven't done it yet..

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