Salvia Trip

First time\'s a charm


Posted by smokedahbuddahful on 01/06/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Mini bong

Being a mad stoner, or that i think i am, i thought i would do something different. Something i can do that i wont get in trouble with. Salvia it was. After watching lots of videos and learning the ways of the greatest, experienced, people who respect salvia, i decided to purchase some at the nearest smoke shop. So to skip through the story of my life, i went to my friends house and told him not to talk to me during the high. he was a good sitter. He just watched me and tripped out him self. haha anyways. Before i did it my heart was racing, because i was so damn nervous. It was like the first time you have sex you get nervous as hell... So i hit it out of a mini bong by loading the bowl with a quarter size comparison. And one hit is all it took. After inhaling for 10 - 12 seconds i hold it in for about 10 more seconds. i blew out the smoke but I forgot i even exhaled it out... I closed my eyes and sat back in a couch. For a second i thought i was chocking ... i felt like i was suffocating and i forgot how to swallow my spit.. Turns out there was still smoke that i swallowed and later burp out during the trip.. lol i knew that because my friend was taping me and i got it on video. Because i felt like i was getting mildly chocked, i all the suddenly see my self peeking over a fence and that fence was the thing that was chocking me because i had my neck rested on the fence. Beyond that fence was something incredible, breath taking. It was 3 golden,bright, glowing queen like women that looked like golden star statues. they were lined up in a row of 3. After i spotted them they went into action and started moving and bending over half way and began to spill a river of lava that was just like them, Shiny, Beautiful. Not believing what i am seeing i yell, "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING" and again, "HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, GET OUT" after i yelled at them they looked at me. After they looked at me i remember the first one had a crown. As soon as they all looked at me i started laughing in an evil, menace, way. "MUHAHHEHEHAHAHHAHAHHA GET OUT OF HERE, WHAT DID I TELL YOU ? Muhaahahah...." after that i felt my hands swirling and totally forgot about them and everything was coming back to normal state . So i started giggling and i see my friend sitting there with his eyes WIDE open like scared for me. I looked at him and said, "Its ok they were friendly" So coming back to normal state again im able to talk but i really couldn't because i was in shock like what just happened?! I kept saying, "am i back? can you hear me brian?" Then i looked down and realized my pants was wet near my crotch area... i said to my self, "AHHH GREAT I PISSED MY SELF! WHAT A NOOB" Then it turned out i spilled the mini bong all over my pants. Thats the end of my salvia experience . Thanks for your time!


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Posted by smokedahbuddahful on 06/01/2010
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Sorry it's all one big paragraph and i didn't space it out guys. I didn't know i could.

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