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Posted by salviaka on 23/12/2009
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Method of Ingestion:2L Bucket

I tried salvia for the first time last night, and I'm not really sure where to begin. I went somewhere that I think changed my life for good. After I took a hit from my bucket, everything began falling apart like books falling from a bookshelf. I was totally lost from there. I got swallowed up into the bookshelf and I heard a man's voice, like a tv announcer, telling me 'you have finished life' and I began freaking out because I was realizing I lost everything and I really felt like I was dead it was so surreal. When I was dead, as I was piecing things together, everything went great from there. I guess it was because when I got swallowed up into the bookshelf I noticed that as I said things (I apparently was saying gibberish out loud and... drooling? with my head on my arm laying on my desk) , the shelves began to form into words. Each letter was a different colour (red, blue, yellow, green), and it was spelling out what I was thinking. I had to keep repeating it so I could form the words. Eventually I noticed the louder I got, the faster the process of forming the words went so I went louder and louder. In my head, I didn't know I was even on salvia... I was in a different world... but in reality, my friend was freaking out because I was apparently screaming and she was trying to talk to me and I didn't hear a word she said. She covered my mouth (I don't remember this) and I bit her fingers. I also bit her knee for some reason? She said it wasn't like I was trying to hurt her, just trying to get back into reality. Eventually as the high died off, I began literally crying for joy to be brought back into a familiar place. I told my friend not to speak to me and let me be, and I got up from my chair and sat in a corner and reflected. I was still tripping out a bit and as I unclenched my fists, I noticed they were the reddest I have ever seen them. I was scared because I don't remember what had happened and my friends wouldn't give me answers. It felt like five minutes but when I was completely done tripping out it was nearly 30min. I may do salvia again, seeing as I have some left over, and hopefully it'll be a better trip because I now know what to expect.


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Posted by notmyaccount on 03/28/2010
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I saw words that were spoken by my sitters and began trying to fuse them together. they later told me I was speaking an alien language/gibberish durning this time. after i told hem i had to leave and took off running they told me i yelled a few things while i was peaking 40 seconds in... i thought i was a little boy jogging home after playing in the orchard fields... i was running down an orchard but didnt realize it. setting effects your trip lol

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