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Posted by Anonymous on 18/10/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe, standard lighter

I had spent most of the day smoking a different substance (*wink*) and I went over a friends house to smoke some more.

Later, we wandered down stairs and started to play Guitar Hero. After the peak from the other substance, I felt ready for a little bit. My fried put a pinch in a elegant gandalf pipe, and I lit up.

By the time I exhaled my first hit, things began to feel a bit funny, like I was falling backwards and slightly to the left. I took another sloppy hit, and sunk down into the couch, looking at the TV and holding in the smoke.

Another one of my friends scrolled over the song, 'Hier Kompt Alex,' and a little bit of the song began to play. One of my friends names happens to be Alex, so he began to sing along with the song, except that he swapped out the name Alex for the word 'me.' This I found absolutely hysterical, I laughed out the smoke, coughing and laughing wildly for what felt like a long time.

I then suddenly forgot why I was laughing and stopped abruptly, noticing that it felt like I was being pushed ever further into the couch, that I felt like I was paralyzed. A little concerned, I tried to move my arms and cross them in my lap. I managed to make my right hand flop around, and that was good enough for me.

I returned my attention to the TV, where my second friend was playing a song. The room I was sitting in and the people around me suddenly didn't seem to exist, and I was enveloped in the TV, like it was the only thing in the universe.

Some how I came to the notion that the five different notes coming down the screen represented different trains, coming into some sort of material processing facility, and that I was an overseer of sorts, watching it all come in. Indeed, I was quite pleased watching it all come in, and soon even the track that the notes came down on became a large boxcar.

All of this was in sync with the music, which made it even stranger. It seemed as if I had to make sure that the trains came in at the same time as the notes of the song, or else something bad would happen. Naturally, everything did go with the music, as is the nature of Guitar Hero.

Eventually I got bored of my work, and felt like leaving, but realized I couldn't. I started to hope that it would end soon. There was no end in sight, I simply tried to turn away. In doing so, I looked away from the TV, and at a coffee table. At that point, I realized that I was on salvia, and that everything was cool.

I looked over to my friend, who was at the same time looking at me. He asked me, 'Are you back?'

Everything still seemed heavy, and it seamed that it took him forever to say those three words, so I shook my head no, and tried say it out loud, but it felt like the words didn't come out accurately. Both my friends laughed, and I felt a little embarrassed. However, I looked back at the television, and quickly lost myself in the mysterious Guitar Hero train car world, although it was not as vivid as earlier.

I kept glancing back down at the coffee table, trying to determine what was real. At this point, I had an identity crisis. Was I a overseer at a music-synchronized processing facility, or was I tripping on a sofa in my friends basement.

I pondered this for a while, scratching my chin and smacking my lips, which felt incredibly dry. I began to come down, and quickly could tell what was real and what wasn't. I looked back at my friend who, asked the same question as before.

I nodded, but was still a little unsure. He asked how it was, and shrugged, unable to find words to express what I saw. He then asked if I would like some more. I said (or think I said) 'Not right now,' and then he dropped the guitar controller into my hands, whereupon I played the sloppiest guitar hero of my life.

A few songs later I felt I was ready for some more, and he put another pinch in. He bothered me by telling me to hold it in as long as I could, which I already knew, and then lit up.

Even before I exhaled, I felt as if I was being sheared in half, and that the left side of my body was being sucked away. Then in a quarter of a second I would be whole again, but then it sheared away once more.

This seemed to happen hundreds of times until I passed the pipe, and could then lie down. I went over to the left and rested my head on the armrest, and closed my eyes. My friend asked if I was going to sleep, at which I tried to reply no.

Within a few moments, I was flying around a dreamscape, zooming around curved shapes that seemed to gradually change colors. I was unaware of my body, or whether I was still part of it, but I didn't seem to mind, I was too busy watching the things around me.

I noticed that I was always orbiting around a central point, that I was going around and around, going down, spiraling around its center. I was unsure if there was any sound around me, and I strained to hear something in this mystery world. I was hopping to hear something unique and weird, but I only managed to hear my friends talking.

I found this to be bothersome, and that I didn't want to be taken away from the dream world, so I tried to cut of all stimulus that I was receiving from them, mainly by trying to close my eyes. No matter how I hard I tried to close my eyes, I found that there was always something in front of me. What I was really trying to shoot for was darkness, but always got swirling colors. I then thought that either (1) I was simply unable to close my eyes, and that I was having open-eye hallucinations, or (2) I was no longer in my body and thus did not have eyes to shut, or (3) my eyes were already closed.

I then tried to open my eyes, and then saw that same coffee table as earlier. This brief glimpse of reality made me realize that what ever I was sitting on was incredibly uncomfortable. I felt around the cushion and found a blanket, which was crumpled up in a heap and rather lumpy. I tried to move it, but it did not budge, me not realizing that I was still sitting on it. I then assumed that it was part of the couch, and said screw it. I curled back up on the armrest and tried to concentrate on the same pillar of changing colors, but found the lumpy thing I was sitting on too distracting.

I then stood up, rather hastily, saw the blanket, and pitched it on the floor. I sat back down and rested my head once more, a little pissed at the existence of the blanket.

Now instead of falling down the pillar, I was on a level plane, still going around it. At one point I would be ontop, looking down, others on the bottom, looking up. I either could not look away from the pillar, or simply did not want to. A ring of black appeared off the side of the pillar, and I seemed to zoom in on it. It turned out to be a kind of curvy room, with curves where the walls met the floor and ceiling, making a kind of bowl. Inside the bowl were to people fighting. I want to say they were using a kind of martial arts, but the exact details are a bit fuzzy.

I glided over the room slowly, watching them tussle, relatively unamused. I was coming down again, and had the idea to try and control what I was seeing and feeling. I tried to imagine myself flying over my hometown, but instead got a brief clip from one of the Harry Potter movies. The effort to try and control the trip was too much, so I just kept going with the flow, spinning around more circular shaped rooms, all of which looked like the inside of a kaleidescope.

I came down nearly all the way, yet I felt slow and mentally exhausted. I opened my eyes and found a baseball cap on my lap, unsure of where it came from or why it was there. I apologized for throwing the blanket on the floor, and picked it up. I was then handed the controller once more to play the second sloppiest guitar hero song of my life.

There are no words that can describe exactly what I saw and felt, I feel that despite my lengthy description, it does not give the experience justice in the slightest. It is impossible to overstate what happened. I am unsure if I enjoyed or disliked the experience, and still find myself dwelling on it a day later.

Yours truly

A.E.C. (a.k.a. 'Melon')


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Posted by Melon on 10/18/2010
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Forgot to mention that the swirling colors were continuously switching between 2D and 3D, and, according to my friend, that my eyes were still open a little. I guess I was worse off than I thought.


Posted by Melon on 10/18/2010
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Oh, and the hat never existed. I guess I hadn't come down from it after all.

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