Salvia Trip

First Time


Posted by OtherWorldly120 on 03/03/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Glass Bong

This past weekend my friend David bought some salvia and asked me to come over and trip with him. It had been a long week so I said alright. I had never tripped before, but had heard and read promising things about it. So, I grabbed my bong and headed on over. We went down a trail into the woods where we usually smoke. It tends to be peaceful out there. We sat in somewhat of a hut and David took the first hit. He got done tripping and then I was up. I'll admit I was slightly nervous. I have delt with mushrooms and acid before, but had read that salvia blew both of those out of the water. I lit it up and took the biggest hit I could, held it in for about 10 to 15 seconds and let it out. About 10 seconds after, my world completely changed. It felt as if I was being sucked through a transparent black hole and my vision was closing in on me. I fell to the ground unexpectedly. When I tried to get up, the ground was grabbing me and pulling me back down. The ground and I were being molded together. My body felt and looked as if it was no longer separate from everything around me. The walls started cracking and became puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece had my stepmoms face in it (we dislike each other very much) and she was laughing at me. When I closed my eyes, I could still see everything as if I didn't even close them. I looked at my friend as he seemed to becoming "one" with the surroundings as well. I called out to him and told him to go stand somewhere else and that I wasn't mad at him. I knew one of the sight effects was aggrivation, so i wanted to reassure him that I wasn't upset. All of a sudden I was moving forward, but not really. The walls began to bend around me and I started to speed up as if I was on a roller coaster from hell. With every bit of strength I had I pushed myself up and tried to run back to the house. The running part didn't work out so well because I began to walk like a zombie. The world was still curving around me. I felt like I was walking in one of those "mouse balls" that they roll around in. At that point I had had enough. I wanted it to stop but it wouldn't. I began to run to David's house yelling "RUN DAVID! GOT TO GET TO THE HOUSE!" Haha, its funny now that I think about it, but it definately wasn't at the time. So once I got into the house, I began to come down and felt like all the happiness in my life had left me. A little late, I asked him what level the stuff was. He said it was level 5, and I just stared at him. I plan on going down a level or two next time. I told him I never want to do it again, but about 5 minutes later I changed my mind. Next time, I'm going to give myself a purpose for doing it. I hear if you go in with the intent for a spiritual trip, it really happens.


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