Salvia Trip

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Posted by Anonymous on 21/11/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe

I tryed this funny herb for the last time last night. I've never taken a hallucinogen but read alot of stories and experiences on the net to try to prepare myself. I need to stress that nothing can prepare you for this trip, no words can allow someone to fully comprehend the salvia trip. however, once tried, I now have a new understanding of all these anecdotes.
i did salvia in my bedroom. 4 of my friends were there also, 2 of them planning to smoke aswell while the other 2 acted as sitters.
i took my first hit, but did not hold in the smoke for that long as it began to make me cough. i breathed out te smoke and for about alf a miniute nothing happened. i was looking at a poster on my wall and the poster began to become almost 3D, but this was a very mild halluicination. However once I looked around the room at my friends I could not stop laughin. they had all become 2d and cartoon like is the only way I can describe it, like i was literally looking at a comic. this only lasted around a miniute.
From my research, I was aware this was not the full effects salvia could have, as in comparison to the anecdotes iv heard and read, this was a very mild hallucination.
so i loaded the bowl and took another hit, this time a bigger one and holding it in longer.
for a few seconds nothing happen, and then i began to see the room almost disapear around me,from the top of the ceiling downwards.then i was gone. i dont remeber that much. i was siting on my bed back against the wall. i felt myself sinking back into the wall furhter and further and further, and infront of me my legs and my friends legs became never ending long lines of blocks of colour, stretching infront of me. i could not see my friends around me, but was aware that they were also getting furter and further away from me. i could not see anything in the room anymore, i could jus feel my body sinking into the wall and my legs stretching on for ever and ever and ever. and within a split second i came round, just like that.
i had no idea wat was happening to me during the trip. i forgot I was tripping.
my friends reported me looking around the room in a very confused way. i could not see my room or my friends anymore but i was clearly aware of them being there as wen my friend next to me moved away from me a little bit, i asked her why she was moving away from me. in my head all my friends were at the end of my legs getting futher and further away from me. i also said i need to move, tried, and then announced i couldent, and also told them the man wouldent let me speak. i have no recollection of any of this.
the strangest thing about this drug is that you literally go into a completely different world. you don't realise you are tripping. its so real. its very confusing and even though you have just smoked salvia, you dont understand why your world around you is changing.
i wouldent say i enjoyed the expereince, but i wasent scared either. i think the word for it would b unpleasent.
after my trip i stated i would never do it again, but already im wanting to try it again. i just find it amazing how something can make you loose complete sense of reality.
definatly an experience you should have.


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