Salvia Trip

First Time .


Posted by GreenAvatar on 05/06/2009
Avg Rating: Unrated

Method of Ingestion:Smoked

Date and Time: 05/17/2009 11:48 am
Location: U.S.A, New York
Dose Method: Smoked.
Dose Quality: size of a penny.
Dose Quantity: 5x
Dose Hits:3
Session Intention: Experiencing for the First time.
Setting: - Dark room - Basement - laying down on sofa -
Weight: 145
Height: 5"7
Gender: Male
Sitter Present: No
Duration (peak): 2:Min
Duration (session): 15:Min
Trip Rating: ++

Trip Info:The trip. 5x
Ok did the one toke of salvia ,closed my eyes within 1:min. I began to see that the - walls , floor , and I - was made up of many small tiles , little tiles in light blue and light red colors , you know the kind of colors from a color blind test . Then all the tiles began to flip over and turn black and fall downward passed the floor into what seemed like nothingness, and there was a sound in my ears like when it rains hard and the rain drops
are small and icy, at the same time a little fear kicked in when I felt like a BMX rider when they catch some Big Air , but they lose that when they land again , this feeling felt like that but you stay with that feeling for the trip . I knew I didn't have to look down at myself because the tiles that made me were already gone , i could feel it happening to me when the walls and floor caved in. All my tiles had already flipped over and fell into the nothingness , all I could feel were my eyes and tongue and a little bit of my throat because of the harsh taste in my throat , I liked that , it felt like a connection to the real world . I could still think ok and knew it was a trip , but I didn't want to commit my self to the trip , I could feel that it was wrong of me to trip without a sitter , and I opened my eyes , and all that I saw was gone , I was back in my basement looking up at the ceiling . it took just the action of opening my eyes to see that I was ok again , Now I only took a small hit and held it in for 5 to 10 sec. Even with that I was still feeling it come on to me but my mind was still intact , I felt like I was still in control of my own free will , but I can see now why some people have bad trips , If your not ready the first 10:sec can be very scary , if you try to fight it . I will try again with 5x , a sitter , same amount as before.
I need to see if the trip will be the same if I do it again , but in a different place and time of day. and this time
I will commit to the whole trip , to see how far I can go with it .

11/5/9 12:12 am


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