Salvia Trip

First Time Ever


Posted by Anonymous on 18/12/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Bong

It was like being trapped in a Dali painting, like for real. Suddenly everything became distorted. I didn't see spinning fractals like a friend mentioned, but the room became...different. The white of the carpet began really intense. The square pillow I was sitting on became very, well, square. And brown. And there was a little silver disc thingy next to me that we found in my basement for burning incense on. And it became very round and very silver. The image of the sitter texting became SO distorted. But all the colors in the room remained constant for the most part. I didn't see bright colors or stuff like that. But it FELT so distorted. It was all stretched and elongated, and it felt like I was inside of a human cell. Like I was the nucleus and the white of the carpet was the cytoplasm of a cell, and all of the other stuff in the room was just parts of the human cell, all doing their own things....hoooo man. It was hella wild. And I saw a friend disappearing into the light of the other room and I remember me freaking out cause I didn't want him going upstairs while he was high and freaking out my mom haha (even though both parents knew what all three of us were doing, and they were totally OK with it, haha.) So I kept shouting "*friend's name*! HEY!" But my words kept evaporating in the air after they left my tongue. And I kept calling out *the sitter's name* name asking "HEY! IS THIS REAL?! AM I REAL? IS THIS FOR REAL?" And suddenly he started dividing in two and I was grabbing at the floor, and grabbing at my right hand with the fingers of my left hand but when I touched it, it was so slippery, and my fingers were ice skating on top of each other. And then I started to feel really, really cold and sweaty and I kept asking why I was sweaty and he explained why but I forget. The whole trip was actually scary as f---. Cause I knew I was TRIPPIN' for real....but I was SO anxious and paranoid that I'd get stuck in the trip for ever. And the whole time it felt as though I was in a dream, you know? You know what that's like? When you know you're dreaming and want to get out of it and you struggle so hard and can't? I was like "MAKE IT STOP, MAKE IT STOP!" hahaha. And finally it did. And I kept shivering cause it was really cold in my basement, lol. SO WEIRD. I can't decide if I'd want to try it again or not. I mean it was weird enough that I kind of want to, but I had this horrible feeling of discomfort the entire time I was hallucinating, lol. My friend said he was using his extra strength salvia cause that's all he had at the time, and next time we'd use something a little less intense. Plus he's been smoking it for a while now, so yeah.... I agree with what others have said here about being reduced to 2D or being one atom on a plane. That's EXACTLY how I felt, and it was TERRIFYING!


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 12/19/2009
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Awesome report !

You captured the reality that is the "dream". Please do continue so one day you will realize you are just a dream. But oh what a wondrous dream it is !!!

Welcome to the real world, Neo.


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