Salvia Trip

First Time Experience


Posted by Anonymous on 02/04/2008
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Type/Strength:dried leaf material
Dosage:2 decent sized Bong hits
Method of Ingestion:Smoked with a bong

Well this was my first time. I pulled the bottom 2 leaves off the plant yesterday after a turgor pressure emergency and let them dry on my desk.(Man this stuff dries fast!) crumbled, it made 2 good bong hits. Took one and loaded the next while holding the first.(Read somewhere that this was a good idea!) It wasn't until I was holding the second one that it hit me in the head. I'm thinking it must have been level 3 because I was definitely seeing visuals in the form of what I will describe as "dancing edges" on every item in the room. It was cool! I sat there watching that for a minute or so and then had an overwhelming urge to play my drum kit so I put on my drum playlist and Rush "Anthem" was up next. It was probably the worst I had ever played but It was a lot of fun! I think maybe I laughed the whole time. It was over much to quickly! Can't wait to get some more! ;D


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