Salvia Trip

First Time Foliage User


Posted by stoney7713 on 09/06/2009
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Method of Ingestion:pipe

I would just like to provide everyone with my wife's experience. She nor I had ever tried Salvia before. She has used a few drugs in the past Cannabis, cocaine, acid. We both decided to start small and work our way up, for both cost and I read how people usually need to try it a few times before achieving a break through.

She managed to reach a solid lvl 3 if not 4 on foliage alone. She took about 4 hits off it and could not walk, walls and floors were moving and flexing, she laughed uncontrollably for approx 10 mins. When she closed her eyes she seemed to be dreaming, upon opening she would ask where she was at. OMG she had to pee, she needed to go to the bathroom, I offered to help her and she would laugh again. She refused to move, and would close her eyes again laughing. I thought for sure the couch would get a soaking. She remembers most of the trip but I really think she was dozing off when she closed her eyes, she doesn't really remember needing to use the restroom.

Personally I was jealous since I had tried foliage several times already and only reached lvl 1.

I post this as a reference to the use non fortified foliage and the experience possibilities. Obviously not everyone can achieve such results.


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