Salvia Trip

First time for sure...


Posted by Anonymous on 13/01/2010
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Method of Ingestion:bong

Ignore the level (S-1), because I'm not too sure:

I smoked this stuff twice in a few days, and both times were extremely weird.

The first time, I could see everything as a makeup of green and red pixels; the pixels were all little people that I seemed to know very well. The whole 'world', or everything that I could see existed, started rolling around like crazy, as if it was a rolling pin flattening dough. It's really hard to explain, but pieces of me were getting rolled away on the dough, and for some reason my face was blue dough; I associated this with water, and according to my sitter, my mouth was watering like mad. I felt part of my face get 'rolled away' by the rolling pin, and I could not speak, because I honestly believed I had no lips or mouth. I was listening to 'them crooked vultures' at the time, and whatever song was playing was telling me to 'stay with us', and something about poison. It freaked me right out.

The second time, I was in a hotel room. As soon as I exhaled, I saw the hotel from a 3rd person perspective. I could see my two friends sitting there watching TV. I understood that the room, and everything in it, was made up of tiny particles. I also began exploring the room as a particle itself in a larger existance, except, again, when I tried explaining, I was stumbling my words and all my friends caught was "mumble, mumble, impossible, mumble". The angle I saw the room at was indescribable, I could only say it was a new dimension (I was still really high when saying this). There were an infinite amount of rooms with my friends in them on a conveyor belt type thing, in something that seemed much bigger and important. I felt that being in that room was an intermediate step to something much bigger and otherworldly. I began exploring what was 'above' the room, and started declining. I could not even explain to myself why I was being told to explore the 'greater world', and I cannot remember who was telling me to do that, or what they looked like, or what the 'new world' looked like.

The second one seemed a bit of an elaboration on the first one (less ambiguous, and I knew a bit more what to expect), so I am hoping to try this a third time, without any external noise, so I can fully see what my mind was trying to show me.

Awesome trip, make sure you don't have any douche bag friends to ruin it (by yelling at you, pushing you, overall bothering you).

Both times, I kept saying "just a sec, I need to go", and I'd just stare out the window, and fully experience the trip. Try it without music, and tell your friends to be completely quiet, and you will be on your own in your own crazy world for 10 minutes.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 01/13/2010
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Ditch your friends and smoke on your own. When you smoke hold it in for 30 seconds and then turn out all the lights and lay down on your bed.

This will give you a clean experience without external distractions. Let yourself travel deep into the visions.

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