Salvia Trip

First time smoking salvia


Posted by Anonymous on 14/03/2009
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Type/Strength:50x extract
Method of Ingestion:Smoking

I smoke a lot of weed, have done shrooms a lot and generally seem able to handle other random drugs. However, I have only ever taken shrooms in terms of psychedelic drugs. Me and my mates decided to buy some salvia extract from a local head shop. None of us had ever tried it before, and in my opinion we made a bit of a mistake starting off on 50x extract. So anyways, we got back to uni and tried it out. The first hit I took didn't do anything apart from giving me a sense of being dragged down and my body being pushed sideways...along with insane sweating. That only lasted for about a minute so I took another hit. This time I did it properly I guess...
The feeling of being dragged down was intensified but I immediately forgot I had smoked anything so as soon as it hit me I was mentally struck and had no idea what was going on. There was a feeling of different entities controlling everything, and I was told that I was tripping and as soon as I was reminded I said out loud (or thought I said out loud) "Ohhh fuck!" and there and then I fully realised what was happening. I was sitting on my friends bed and I had become part of an organic machine, along with the other people in the room. The bed had turned to water and I was some sort of wheel like part to this organic machine and had fully merged with the bed. I did not like the physical feeling of being completely trapped and I was able to pull myself out of it...for probably a mili-second and then was dragged back into this machine with one of the entities telling me that the trip was finished. I calmly thought "fair enough" and let the trip go even though it was brutally surreal. As this was going on I saw my friend trying to "plug me in" like in the film the matrix. The computer looked like it was made out of cardboard and the music playing was speaking to me and describing the trip...this was the first time in my life I had hated the sound of the Red hot Chili peppers because it all sounded far too surreal. I think I found everything far too intense and was somehow able to snap out of least the brutal part of it....shouting "It's fucked up, it's all fucked up!" Despite the fact that I'm pretty sure I will never try salvia again, I did manage to interpret the trip into some sort of explanation. The machine was a metaphor for life...we are all stuck in a controlled environment and everyone has a role. However, life as with the machine is not always a comfortable environment and can sometimes be scary. We believe that if we stop continuing with our role in society then the machine will stop working, but we are only made to believe that it will stop working. We have the ability to be free from influence and break out and be individual. Our egos do not matter. All they do is hide our true selves and if we do not know who we truly are then we can get stuck in the falseness of the world.
In conclusion this was a real kick up the ass....a slap in the face from god. We are individual but we must not let our individuality and our egos create a sense of superiority over others...that is when the machine stops working.


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