Salvia Trip

First time visual


Posted by GWYNGELLI on 19/07/2008
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Type/Strength:Plain leaf
Dosage:Half a tobacco pipe full.
Method of Ingestion:Smoked

I just had my first visual Saturday night July 12, 08. It was night time with the moon out and I was near a campfire. Took an extra big hit of plain leaf and felt it coming on. I turned my head to the right and raised my back from the chair. Next the shadow generated by the moonlight (not my shadow) next to me raised itself up also and so on and so on into infinity. I could hear a playful voice saying "I'm going to raise myself up, and I'm going to raise myself up, and I'm going to raise myself up" and so on. I found it quite extrordinary.
I was never afraid. By the time I start to trip it is a dream like state. I just flow into it. That was about the 8th time using salvia, but first time to reach visuals, a first time level three. I understand the importance of darkness for this to occur.


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