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First Time with friend


Posted by Anonymous on 21/11/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoking

I turned 18 last week and decided to buy a zong and salvia with my birthday money and try it with my friend (we will call him D). D insisted that I go first so he could see what could happen. I decided to quickly find a calm "first time" song, and found Nat "King" Cole's Stardust. I put very little salvia in the first time, and knew i was slightly high being a regular marijuana user. I felt a little up, but not much, so I used a little bit more, not knowing how much would give me a good or bad trip. Once I took it the second time, I started feeling effects immediately. I looked up at my mirror reflecting at the ceiling, and thought I saw it move, so I said here we go to D and started the song. I felt like clouds were swirling around me and keeping me warm, then it happened. I fell into another world. I was flying through the air over yellow fields and being put into the dirt and buried to my neck(this was a good thing). I was then somehow lifted and put into a planter sitting outside a home, and being able to look into the house and see a happy doing things. I felt like I was in the 1950's watching what a common happy family did. The song ended and so did my deep trance. I told my friend to not let me go anywhere and to sit, and he actually listened (for once), and told me to sit down, I got up and restarted the song, but couldn't get back to my other world, so tried to explain what had happened to me, which was very difficult, it was probably one of the best feelings i've ever felt in my life. It was then his turn. He didn't hold it in enough the first 2 times, but the third, he was gone. He had one of the uncontrollable laughter ones, I have never seen a person so happy. He later said he too looked at the mirror, and it changed into a flying saucer, flying over his head, that was why he was laughing so hard. He said when he looked at my computer he thought he saw a frog, but then it died down. We both agree that this was our top 5 experiences of our entire lifetime. I will definitely be coming back to my dream land again.


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