Salvia Trip

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Posted by Anonymous on 21/02/2009
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Method of Ingestion:water pipe

So i heard about salvia from my friends who all do pot but were reluctant to try salvia themselves. Well i have never had any mind altering drugs at all, never even been drunk before. I went down to the local smoke shop and bought some of it about 1g for 25$, went over to my buddies house and myself and to friends were gonna try it. Well They went first since i was unaware even how to use a bong, they said while high that it was just like pot they didn't know the difference, my trip was different. Refilled the filter and took one big drag as long as i could and held it, upon release i was busting up laughing,then my two friends standing in front of me completely grew as i flew away from them it was as if there bodies were stretched out and i was being pulled back words, i don't remember much after that something happened in my trip about a rowboat because my friends said i kept telling them to "paddle" as i was spaced out on my friends bed. Coming to took a while for me my friends where there and i knew where i was but it was as if i could not communicate to them and i was unsure if i said stuff already or not, my memory was shot for about half an hour then effect went off.Scary for a bit and i obviously had a much different trip than my friends but am willing to try it again.


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