Salvia Trip

First Trip: 5x


Posted by Anonymous on 12/11/2007
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Type/Strength:plain leaf, then 5x
Dosage:2 hits of 1x, 3 hits of 5x (about 1/8 gram)
Method of Ingestion:bong

Alright today was the day, I'd tried the quid method when I got my leaves/extract a couple weeks ago, and not much happened, probably because I didn't use too many leaves and only kept them in for 10-15 minutes. The one thing I did get a really distinct image of during that experience was a pyramid with all four bottom corners being folded into the center by four people, kind of a daydream like thought that I had. Other than that, nothing happened during that "try" at a salvia experience. I also tried smoking the plain leaves through a crappy homemade bong last weekend with the same results, minus the mild closed eyed visuals.

Well this weekend I finally went and got a small bong for myself so today I decided to try the 5x for the first time. First I loaded up the plain leaf though (just to try it first through a real bong) took a couple hits and laid down. No visuals this time, but I did get a little high feeling similar to MJ for a few seconds, and felt a little out of it when i got up maybe ten minutes later to empty out the bowl to put the 5x in.

With the first hit of 5x I was back to where I had been with the leaf. I held that in for about 15 seconds, let it out and took another hit, then another (I'm gonna have to make sure to hold each hit in longer next time). After the third hit I set down the bong and walked over to my bed and closed my eyes, wondering if the feeling would even get any different than this. While I was thinking about that I started to feel like I was getting pushed to the top of a steep hill, I was laying down at the top but my body kept slipping back down the left side, and was getting pushed up repeatedly, while my head stayed in the same place at the top. I think this pushing was all in sync with my heartbeat. At the same time, someone who was behind me was saying something to whoever was pushing my body. I couldn't see any of them, or hear them really, but I knew they were talking to each other. I was still wondering when the salvia would really kick in when I realized it already had ;D, and that I was in the middle of the trip right now.

I opened my eyes and saw my body stretching out in front of me, and it looked huge. I tried to lift my head up to see around better but it was so much work I just put it back down. I picked up my arms a little and realized that took a lot of work as well so i set them down on either side of me. Then, I looked at the rest of my room, and though everything looked the same as always (I wasn't seeing things)  I was sure it was all a little town for these tiny people that were pushing me and sitting behind me. My computer screen was still on so that was the most colorful, vibrant thing in the scene. The "person" that was sitting behind me started talking to me (I have no clue what s/he was saying) showing me their town, and it felt like I was being welcomed in a way, sitting on this hill in the middle of the tiny town. But everything was still at the same level as me, like there were canyons or valleys separating each section from me.

The whole experience was very peaceful and I look forward to the going back again soon. I plan on finishing up the gram of 5x that I have, then I'll probably move up to something stronger. I was thinking I would try to move up sooner but after today I know that 5x will be just fine, not a "weak" experience at all.


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