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Posted by hero4evz on 06/08/2008
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Dosage:Quarter/Half Bowl
Method of Ingestion:Smoking (Water Bong)

This was my first real trip (smoked a few times before but at most hit a very light level 3 and never lasted more than 30 seconds). This trip though lasted near 5 from start to finish and left me feeling confused and shaken. I did it while watching Knocked Up. Soon after taking the hit I felt as though I was on a gravitron and being held in place. I knew I wasn't moving though. During this time everything went dark aside from the TV in which I thought the people in the movie were talking to me. During this time I was taken back to almost childhood memories or at least scenes from the movie (filling the void between me and the TV). After a short amout of time the surroundings came back into view and I felt as though me and the world was getting cut into layers and I could move forward in the layers but not backwards (progressively closer to the TV). I refrained from moving though. Soon after I started to realize and resist the trip. After all was said and done I was fairly shook up and just wanted to sleep it off. My sitter was watching the movie and failed to even notice a different in my actions. Are they any tips to enjoying the trip more or does it just come with understanding and experience with the trips?


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Posted by Shane333 on 09/02/2008
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If you want to enjoy it sit in a dark room with little or no sensory stimuli.

Salvia is for experiencing your own mind and the bizarre powerful places accessible through it. This is serious stuff, it's not for getting 'cool visuals' or anything.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 09/17/2008
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I am finding alot of common descriptions as I read of other's using Salvia..

I am not sure your layered world is what I see, but it makes me flashback instantly when I read your comment.. I see the visual as if it is from the outside in or inside out.. just not sure but it could be like seeing oneself as layers of an onion visually unpeeled and open to view.. not like trails on acid.. distinctly different than that.. and it seems as though time curves or distorts as I watch.. I go in a trance and giggle.. then always I feel I must get up and move around..

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