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Posted by Anonymous on 18/06/2009
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Type/Strength:\"Red\" Packet
Method of Ingestion:smoked

I tried Salvia twice in two days with vastly different results.

Experience #1

The first day one of my best friends and I smoked it at his house. We'd read all the warnings, talked to people, and had a plan to "babysit" each other. I took the first hit as described, from a very small glass pipe. I held it in...waited...and felt very warm for a moment then just went into a state of deep relaxation with racing thoughts that calmed into a nice slow but intricate flow of ideas and thoughts. My friend had an nearly identical reaction. We were very surprised, since everyone I've talked to & everything I've read talks about a distinct "altered reality" experience and we most definitely didn't have that. But it was enjoyable, and we were both laying on the couches for probably an hour in companionable silence. Later my friend remarked that was the most relaxed he has been with another person in many years.

Experience #2

I told my husband all about the first experience, how relaxing and peaceful and enjoyable it was. He agreed to give it a try with me, but we didn't have any screens so we decided to try it in a larger "steam roller" type pipe, though we only used 1 hit each so the amount was ostensibly the same. I took the hit, and started holding it in. I didn't even get to count to 30, by the time I felt my lungs filling up I thought ", this time I'm going to have the effect I was expecting". My body was very warm again for a moment, then I found myself lying on the floor but my perception of the world was completely unreal. I felt that I was merging with the matter around me in a slightly liquid way, I looked around and was unable to separate my thoughts and being from everything else around me, only it wasn't like my living room, it was like a very noisy, colorful, bustling open marketplace in another dimension. All of me was melted into the objects and even the air around me, and only a tiny thought and some of the sights around me kept me connected to reality. My husband seemed distant, impossible to reach, and my form became increasingly pulled away from humanity until I reached a critical moment where I felt that I would either completely give in and become something totally different, or struggle my way back to being a person. I kept looking at him the best I could because he was the only thing I recognized and could get a visual anchor from. Gradually I felt more solid, less like my body was part of the atomic structure of every thing, and was able to stand up and go to the kitchen for a glass of water. I still felt extremely tentative about reality and my ability to interact with objects as a separate being, but was able to focus on the water and start coming down. It was intense in the most extreme way I can imagine, and I feel frustrated that I am unable to describe it even to myself in a way that captures what I experienced. Unfortunately, my husband had NO idea what I was going through because though I had told him about the effect of "reality shift" I had stressed the other reaction of relaxation and peace so he just didn't know how to help me focus...but we've learned! It was a very strong feeling in a way I can't quite process yet, but an experience worth having.


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