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First trip


Posted by lahood on 15/09/2010
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Type/Strength:Purp Sticky 40X
Method of Ingestion:Bong

Ok so it was my first time doing salvia, But i have used mushrooms about 5 times and Acid once. This trip is what I've always wanted out of a trip, not knowing anything and you enter a completely different world. Ok so i bought a hit of purple sticky salvia off my friends for 10 bucks. i brought it home cleaned out my bong and waited for my other friend to get there because he was smoking it with me. there was 6 of us in my basement and only me and this other kid were doing it. So i pack my slide and put it in the bong, i had my friend start playing fly like an eagle. right as the song start i hit my bong. i hold it in for about 30 seconds and blow it out and then all of a sudden i feel this force pushing me down so i sit back on my couch and got up within 5 seconds just to look at my friend move my slide and after sitting up for 5 seconds i look all around the room at everyone with this freaked out look on and put my hands over my face and sat back but this time it was different i put my hands on my head and said "what the fuck" from there i preceded to hysterically laugh but while that was going on in the outside world my mind was being blown the fuck up. i was in a curled up in a ball floating in black nothingness. and these two buildings arose on both sides of me and the buildings were my friends sitting next to me on both sides. then i stood up and the 4 people who didnt trip faces all gathered at the end of this spinning hallway and i had to walk through it. the hallway was all red and yellow and the song Good Love was playing but i thought it was carnival music the whole time.

Salvia is the best shit i have ever done! if you always wanted a trip where you loose yourself and all your thoughts this is the trip for you


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Posted by grimjim on 09/24/2010
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Sounds like overall it was a good experience for you. You wanted to do it, and the right frame of mind is a key factor in having a good trip. Its good that you had friends with you, although sometimes too many can be a distraction.

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