Salvia Trip

First Trip


Posted by Anonymous on 03/04/2011
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Type/Strength:10x (40mg Extract)
Method of Ingestion:Smoked

Well had my first experience yesterday.
I pack some 2 small amounts into my pipe in some foil, didn't work. Took out the foil, threw it on ground, I was dizzy.

So, I dump more into the bowl, almost a full bowl now, keep the flame on it, and felt my lungs fill.
"Now I just hold it in till my eyes vibrat.... holy shit this is what if feels..." uncontrollable laughter took over, i'm not sure what was so funny, but something was. I was gone. I couldn't remember anything before this moment.

All of a sudden I feel my body pull hard, a extreme tingling feeling rushed throughout my body, my vision was destroyed. The only thing I could see was moving blue triangles, and it was the most scary feeling in my life.
I was trapped in my bed, or was my bed, (my bed is blue with stripes). "what the hell is this?" I also was with just my sitter, and I mentioned other people in the room, like saying "who are they". Though I don't remember who I saw. It might have been my dog who was watching this the whole time.

Then after about 1 min or 2 of tripping balls, I started to come back to reality, and began to be able to move was and talk, basically said "Oh man that was fucking weird" over and over. Till I completely came back.
After about 4 or 5 mins it was over, and I was a drunk like feeling for a bit, until about 15 minutes later, and felt fine after 30 mins.

The trip was fucking intense, though I may try it again.


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