Salvia Trip

First Trip = Blacking out


Posted by Anonymous on 02/06/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Bong

After reading a lot of stories on the internet, I bought 3g of 20x salvia on the internet.
I had three sitters, one of which I did not completely trust and may have ruined my trip by trying to purposely trip me out.
After clearing the two generous pinches of 20x salvia, I exhaled thinking that I wasn't feeling the effects. I was wrong. Right after I exhaled after 20 or so seconds taking the hit, I felt an enormous force trying to pull me at an angle to the ground. I remember hearing my sitters ask if I was ok and right after, I blacked out for a few minutes. Apparently one of my sitters kept asking me questions and I responded slowly, not knowing what was going on. I looked extremely confused and paranoid. I kept looking around the room for something.
The next thing I remember after blacking out was seeing the untrustworthy sitter and not knowing who he was, where I was, or that I had just smoked salvia. After seeing the faces of my two other sitters, I realized I was in my room and that I had just smoked salvia. I reach out to them with one of my arms and try to tell them that I'm ok, but it feels like I'm falling backwards and that reality is like a flip book.
I came back to reality shortly after in a immense sweat. I felt extremely uncomfortable and I kept thinking to myself that I wanted to go back to normal.
Does anyone know why I blacked out and if it will continue to happen if I smoke again?


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Posted by ibanezplaya34 on 06/12/2010
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This same thing happened to me! i'm trying it again later today, but when i first tripped on salvia i only saw a few weird things towards the end. besides that i blacked out for several minutes. i filmed myself, and i was looking around confused and i apparently tried to get up once, but jus fell right back down. when i started coming down off the trip, i remembered that the salvia is what did all that, and it wasn't a dream haha. but i was sweating a ton as well. i'm in the same boat you are man. i was looking for an answer to this as well. like if i black out everytime i trip salvia, i don't see the point in doing it, you know?


Posted by donnaOjard on 07/04/2010
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Whoa guys! PLEASE! Stop what you are doing. Sd is not a toy. It is a potent hallucinogen. You START at 20x? Would you take your very first boxing match with Muhammad Ali?

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