Salvia Trip

First Try


Posted by Anonymous on 16/08/2009
Avg Rating: Unrated

Method of Ingestion:Can bong

Ok so in seattle i picked up some 10x and just tried some. I took five or six hits thinking that it was weak and was able to dump out the bowl and run back to a mattress before it hit me.
A guy from an adult swim show jumped out of the tv and started chanting and rocking back and forth along the wall. Everytime he moved a foot forward, an exact copy of him started walking behind him until the whole room was full of these red guys. Then five blue guys started fighting against them but were swallowed up by the red. A guy from an ad told them to attack and then i turned off the tv. They moved closer and closer until they formed a 3d box around me. I started to think i was crazy and it would never end so i was going to go grab my razor blades and end it but then i called my friend and he said to let them take me away, i told him to call my mom if i didnt call him back 15 minutes later. I grabbed a pillow and closed my eyes, they went away and god called me into a videogame dimension. I went through hell(literally) with my ex and then got taken into the kingdom from sleeping beauty with a girl who wants me to go out with her. After that it turned into an rpg with another girl but there was darkness everywhere outside a ten foot circle. My friend who i had called early appeared and lit up the whole area, showing paradise and god said that he was my guardian knight and would protect me. Then everyone who was a good friend showed up around me and started smiling. God took me away to a world with swirling colors and rainbows that was black except for them. He then pulled me around the darkness and started to shock me with electricity that felt like a massage. I called my friend to tell him i was ok and then it stopped except for a hyper awareness of god and know i can tell the right and wrong between everything and all my problems are easy to solve. It was ten minutes of hell then twentyfive of ecstasy.


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