Salvia Trip

For i am death.


Posted by tac631 on 10/05/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Gravity Bong

And so it began,
I wouldn't say I'm as strait as a razor but conservative in my views I'm am. So for me this was profound and unusual because i do not do hardcore drug with trips like this plant brought.

Inhale and reality,
With the dosage in the bowl the bottle in retracted and smoke fill the chamber. I grasp the bottle and inhale. The smoke with a sharp taste fills my lungs with surprising smoothness. With an exhale i feel nothing. I try to say "This isnt.. that ...... bad.........." My words become but one sound. The sense of reality melts and i melt with it. I become heavy and am brought the ground next to the fire. Their i lay in the fetal position as all goes away.

Time is nothing as are we,
I'm am told i laid their on the ground for 10 minutes. If you asked me i was their for an eternity because time meant nothing, i was nothing. I was looking into a realm that i could never understand nor do i want to. Their was a vast white and a sense of someone watching. I could almost make them out but even with everything i had i could not. I know this as for anything else that unfolded next to that fire i could not tell you. Many pieces of that trip are lost.

The mile long door,
I though i had just taken the hit and went to the door to the house. The ten minutes outside was blotchy at best. But what transpired on the coach of that house was beyond me. I got up of the ground and went for the door. I couldn't see or hear anything but that door. The walk was only 100 feet but it took a mile. In the world i was their was no distance just a destination. The door was fuzzy and blurred. After years in this journey i made it to the door.

The coach of insanity,
Through the sliding door i made it to the coach. I remember being able to see but not understanding the simple objects that i was so familiar with. Nothing was familiar anymore. The only thing that was sanctity was the coach. I do not know why but above all the coach is were i was drawn to. Their a covered my head with a pillow and sunk into the coach.

With your eyes closed you see the most,
I closed my eyes in the misted of coach. My though was the ribbon of a old style projector. The film ripped and bars formed or vivid triangular color. The bars move from the bottom up. Every time my friend tried to talk to me his voice became nothing but bars of color falling from a different directions. The bar slowly centralized.

The end,
I opened my eyes and look around with the eyes of a child. The world was bright, blurry, and too new. Too new for comfort so i closed my eyes and sleep deep and long.

Their are certain things in my life i may never understand. This is one of them. I am death and salvia is the reaper. My soul has been sown and form this i will grow. I am only 17 but feel like a new born.


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