Salvia Trip

Forgetting being human


Posted by Anonymous on 09/09/2009
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I took a bong hit of salvia. Before I let the smoke out of my lungs. I blacked out. I went into a void of blackness. There was no thought or feeling. It was nothingness. Then from there I became aware. I became this color energy. I forgot I had a body or that I was human. I was just this flowing color engery. a piece of my carpet appeared in the color. I wondered what it was. Then I realized I was more then this color energy. My face appeared in domino shaped patterns. I didn't know that the face was my own. I then remembered that I was human once. And had a body. I flashed back on my life. and I realized that it never exisited. That I created that reality and this is what I really was. I couldn't accept that. I tried to fight to get back to the reality I once knew. But I couln't. I was trapped here forever. I didn't want to be energy anymore. I wanted a body and free will. My husband was my sitter and he moved me down the hall. That snapped me back to this reality. I grabbed him crying "are you really real?" He kept telling me that he was. I then remembered I took salvia. But I could still feel that engery calling to me. It was telling me that that was the real reality. And what was I doing back in the illuison. I didn't care I'd rather be in a body and have choices. Even if it was an illuison. Ever since that experince I don't take life for granted. One day we will die and become that energy
I learned to appericate life while I still am here.



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