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Frightening Travelings


Posted by Anonymous on 11/06/2009
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Type/Strength:Smoke / 20X
Method of Ingestion:Clear Ice Bong

I had been using the very slightest amounts of 20x salvia mixed 50/50 with Wild Dagga Flower tops for almost a month to get relief from chronic lower back pain. Doses smoked wre probably no more than a eighth gram each time. The results were always awesome as my pain would melt away and the gentle sweats and tingling all over my body would take over completely. I was always able to continue normally with any task or thing I wanted to do. Watch TV, work on the PC, music, even reading.

Anyway, this is a report of the two most recent times I smoked a tight packed bowl of some very high quality 20X. Just Salvia. No smoke blends.

I had decided it was time to turn out the lights and lay back open eyed in my bed to journey with an abandonment to the salvinorin-A. This always seems to bring incredible results and a peace I enjoy when all is done.

I really don't know what level these are but I just put 4 because in the short 10- 15 minute experiences there is a continuous flux between my normal conciousness and the beautiful visions sometimes mixed with frightening mind bending visions, feelings, and absurd previously unknown realities.

A side note would be that it has taken me a whole 2 weeks to work through all that had happened during these two experiences. It seemed that my total previous view of things had been shaken to the roots. Each day went by with a subtle under current of mixed happiness and depresions and a not so familiar "knowing" just what all this life was all about.

Smoke #1
I hit all the X until there was no glow in the bowl. I remember exhaling once then holding the second deep hit for a 40 count and checking the digital clock as I laid down on my bed. Immediately I was watching black and white and purple and blue pulsing waves expanding and becoming a film strip moving in front of my eyes. I smile and giggled and settled down and opened the gate so I could go through or let it all come in and cover me. I really never know if it is one or the other.

All was well and visuals of moving away from the room took over. I was drifting with no paticular place to go and then it hit like a rush of to much to fast. I was pressed into the bed yet I was floating away also. An outline of my body appeared and started to multiply into uncountable "lsd-like" trails, like endless onion layers seperating. The gold, green, and red layered outline (aura?) accelerated in front of me and I was just along for the ride not resisting, but felt apprehension like this was it, I am leaving this world. It was awesome but I was startled. I abandoned myself to it and traveled for a very long time watching the outlined aura of my body increasing in an uncountable number of images. I really wanted to see where I was but I was so far behind it didn't make sense to try. Then as suddenly as it started it stopped. It was like i was being reeled in like a long fishing line. I rolled to see the clock with 15 minutes ticked off. For days i was shaken because I knew I had reached a future place meant for me but didn't know what it was or why. Eventually i accepted it as a gift and am looking forward to the place I was unable to view or understand.

Smoke #2
I had just made a drink and was going back to my PC. I remembered packing a bowl the night before and there it was in the bong inside the fridge waiting. I took it out and took a big hit. I watched the water turn white smokey milky and laughed as it magically moved into the chamber, the water becoming clear just before I let open the carb hole and inhaled it deeply. A 20 count and exhaled. Pipe already back in the fridge.

As I anticipated the relief I would get from my back pain I was rolled over as my TV show exploded into the room. BOOM!! I was frozen in place and couldn't move. Layer upon layer and wave upon wave of visuals bombarded me from the TV screen. Colors so intense and bright that it made me squint.

The people talking on the TV were saying how lame I was and I merged with the content. Their comments struck deep within me, cutting and exposing what I thought were secret places that were mine alone. I beagan to listen and it occured to me that I was being given a "golden nugget" of info that I could use to see a part of me that even was a secret to me also, I was blown away. Behind me were some of my friends agreeing that i had blinded myself with lies and excuses and it was time to come clean. Then the cell phone rang. i actually picked it up and said hello. It was an impossible conversation because my friend on the other end was talking about nothing. I tried to comprehend but it was no use. I looked down and saw water all over the floor. Oh damn, my drink !!.. Nope ! I was pouring sweat from my hair, my face. my armsmy legs. I thought I had been standing in the rain. I asked my friend if it was raining and they laughed. I just said talk later and goodbye. LOL.

Within half an hour I was back at baseline and relaxed.

Through all of the events of about a total of 30 minutes, it all came together today. I got confirmation about the changes I needed to make and found out my destination from the first smoke.

If you made it this far I hope it was readable. I am not a very good writer.


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