Salvia Trip

From Human to Atom


Posted by Anonymous on 11/09/2010
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Type/Strength:Salvia Zone Black (highest potency)
Method of Ingestion:Smoking Pipe and Butane Torch

I had done Salvia once before and didn't get much out of it (it was the weakest potency). I thought I'd give it another try with the highest level my local shop had.

Later that night, I went outside to my car, leaned back in the seat, and put in a mantra cd (Chants of India - Ravi Shankar). I put a heavy pinch in my glass pipe and took the biggest hit I could. I closed my eyes and began to hold the smoke in. I was trying to make it to 30 seconds but I lost complete perception of time. I have no memories of the transition from sober to hallucinating. I must have exhaled at some point but I have no idea when.

At this point I am no longer attached to or aware of my body. I am perceiving myself as an atom, the tiniest speck of existence in the universe. I am surrounded by millions of other atoms and they are all looking at me. It is a giant sea of blue/red/orange blobs, I am a bluish/orange blob and I feel as though everything is vibrating intensely.

Something began to change and I realized that myself and the other atoms were part of a living being that was moving. I began to feel pain that I can't really describe well. I was part of the foot of the living being and as it walked we were all being crushed, stuck to the ground, and then peeled off the ground as the being lifted it's foot. It was a an uncomfortable, tingling, burning, ripping pain.

I kept enduring this for what seemed like hours until finally I came back to reality a little. I was still an atom but I was now an atom of my own body. The other atoms were staring at me and I believe one of them said something like "What are you waiting for?". I realized that my body was trying to sit up in the seat and all of the other atoms had already moved forward. I tried to say something like "I'm sorry, I'm coming" but I could barely form the words. As I moved forward I snapped back to reality in a cold sweat. I was fully aware of my body and surroundings again.

After this I just felt high for 2-3 hours.

- Adam


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Posted by jrdnjones on 09/11/2010
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Posted by grimjim on 09/24/2010
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Adam, Amazing - I love that.

Did you think it felt like a dream, or did it feel like you really were ACTUALLY in touch/conscious of the atoms, and your perceptions had literally been wound down to tiny size? Was the foot your own foot, or some other creatures foot? If so who, what, where?

Are you naturally fascinated by science (and in some way atomics)? Or was this a completely new realm of experience for you? Feeling the intense vibrations sounded very real.



Posted by adam27 on 08/16/2013
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Hey Jim, it's been almost 3 years since I reported that experience. I'm not sure if you still use this website. I don't use salvia as much as I'd like because I'm active duty military and I can only smoke once in a great while. In response to your questions:

It did not feel like a dream whatsoever. It felt as though I had been woken up from a false reality and I was experiencing for the first time the "truth". Truth meaning that we/I are a tiny molecular spec comprising something inexplicably larger than us.

Looking back, my description of a foot was a bit too critical. This could have been any limb, or any facet of something else. As to where/what/why how I have no idea. The trip wasn't specific in those areas.

I'm of course fascinated by science but I have no advanced knowledge of atomics.

The reason I'm just now responding and with more clarity is that I just smoked again and literally had the same exact trip. Posting it in a few minutes with this username if you're interested.


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