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Funny Salvia Tripping!


Posted by divinorum_dude on 12/07/2009
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Type/Strength:Raw foliage + 5x
Method of Ingestion:water pipe

Well .... ;-)

I'm going to stress something I haven't seen discussed here: the joy of smoking the raw, dried, (unfortified) leaf.

I smoked several bowls of raw foliage, then a couple of small pinches of 5x mixed with raw foliage.

I sat at my desk and watched the movie Juno on my large-screen LCD computer monitor. For those who haven't seen it, it's a quirky, funny comedy. The movie is funny, but everything - including the movie - became immensely funny!

A vortex opened up and began swirling around the computer screen and my field of vision. As the opening scenes played, I absolutely enjoyed and appreciated the opening animation. Then the movie started and I began laughing my ass off at the funny parts. I felt like they were talking to me!

I experienced the various scenes as segmented time-space events that were connected, but cyclical in their progression. I experienced the scenes as universal archetypes that we all live and experience. The colors and music were AMAZING, heightened, and delightful. I noticed even the smallest, tiniest details in the background, not only visual but audio. It was like looking at a picture and seeing an entire world in it that I never noticed.

OH YES - I've noticed that by smoking a few bowls of the raw foliage followed by a light pinch or two of 5x, the experience last a LONG TIME. My active hallucinations lasted for probably 10 or 15 minutes (though not as intense as smoking 20x, for example), and then for the last HOUR AND A HALF I've been in an extremely altered (and good) state. Amazing!

Oh, and also, time has gone by really quickly watching the movie, but it's seemed normal, and like a really happy, enjoyable space.

I'm still in an extremely altered state, by the way, almost 2 hours later.

So folks, don't discount the raw foliage. It's awesome! Do 3 or 4 bowls of raw, and then 2 more bowls with a tiny pinch of 5x mixed in. Then, if you feel like it, do another bowl or two. You'll have an awesome, happy, extended, and happy and funny experience!


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Posted by BigTouch on 07/12/2009
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Entertaining and educational, I like it xD

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