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Posted by Cellardoor on 09/01/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Bubbler Pipe

The first time I smoked salvia, I used my bubbler, but I only used a Bic lighter, and I didn’t experience anything worth writing about. The second time, I had a pretty cool level 3 trip, and the third time, I had a very long level 5 trip that blew my mind. Here are summaries of those two, as best as I can describe them.

Second time (Level 3): This time, I smoked a bowl of 15x salvia out of a vaporizer at about 238 degrees Celsius. It was a gradual transition into the trip, which was quite mild, but after a few minutes, I felt like I was in a pop-up book. All the walls and background were flattened into a two dimensional page, and all my friends were also flattened into 2D paper figures, but they were much closer to me, like cardboard pop-ups in a popup book. Also, the strangest part of the trip and the only thing that I really hallucinated completely was the character Wind. During the trip, my friend opened the door to the room we were in, which in reality was located in the wall in front of me, at the same time that a gust of cold wind hit me through what was in reality a window to my right. For some reason in the trip, the door in the wall ahead had been moved to the location of the window. It was as if the two had merged: the door had taken the window’s spot, and the window was gone. “Wind” was a being, something with a personality, with whom my friends and I were all familiar. He wasn’t really a friend of ours so much as an acquaintance, but we definitely knew him. He had been knocking on the “door” to my right. When my friend answered the door for him, Wind shot into the room with a loud whistling noise. He didn’t say anything, but I knew that he had a LOT of energy. His “body” was a set of three or four ice blue 3D beams, each with a square cross section but a winding body that stretched out in front of me towards the wall to my left, upon which I was now focusing. As Wind moved, he occupied new space ahead of him but never vacated the space behind him, so the beams quickly extended from the “door” on my right all the way to the wall on my left. Wind was either growing or else had a very long body like three or four square-shaped snakes, much of which was still outside the door and thus out of view. The room we were in was probably only ten by fifteen feet (ten feet to the wall in front of me—my back was against a wall, fifteen feet from side to side—about three feet to the window on my right and twelve to the wall to my left), but the salvia made it feel like it was very long sideways (about ten feet to the door/window on the right and thirty feet to the wall on the left). When Wind’s beams hit that left wall, there was an explosion of light blue, icy, stringy confetti. That image lasted for a while with Wind stretched out there, but then he was gone, and I was for the most part back from the trip.

After that first trip, I felt like salvia definitely had an effect on me, but it was not that intense. I had never really left reality or felt completely out of control. I tried it again later that night after I had been smoking a lot of weed, and the trip was easily a hundred times more intense.

The second time, I was smoking the same 15x leaf and extract, but this time out of my glass bubbler and with my friend’s torch lighter. After two big hits that I held in for a while, it hit me hard, and very suddenly. I felt like somebody grabbed hold of the hair that hangs over the back of my neck (I have pretty long hair), and pulled me into the wall through a very long, very narrow glass tube. After being pulled for what seemed like about ten seconds, I finally came to a rest. I was sitting on the bed with my back against the wall, and I felt like I was being flattened against the wall by a very strong gravitational force. I had the impression that the room had been rotated so that I was at rest in the bottom corner of the room, and there were walls at my back, below me, and to my right. The room had tipped diagonally and was resting on the point of the one corner I was in (N.B. I was not actually even in a corner) so that “down” was the corner behind, below, and to the right of me and “up” was the corner to the left, above, and in front of me. In reality, the “right” wall to which I am referring didn’t even exist. There was actually about three feet of open space between where I was sitting and the wall to my right (this trip happened in the same spot as the last one), but during the trip I couldn’t turn and look at anything in that space because of the “wall” that was now right next to me. So once I came to rest in this bottom corner of the room and was being held firmly there by the large gravitational force (I’d say three or four times the actual force of gravity), things went crazy. First, the 2-dimensional thing started to happen again where my entire field of vision was flattened, but this time I felt like it turned into a painting on the front of a big wooden box (solid though, not hollow). I remember thinking that it must have been a Hieronymus Bosch painting because it had the same reddish shades and brushstrokes as The Garden of Earthly Delights. The reason the painting was on the front of the wooden block was that I realized it was not one solid block, but a million smaller wooden ones that were painted on the fronts and were at least several inches deep but with the same cross section as the front part that I could see. It is hard to explain, but an individual object was no longer defined by its occupation of space, but instead by its color. For example, an American flag would have become one solid blue-fronted block, fifty white-fronted, star-shaped blocks, six white-fronted rectangular blocks, and seven red-fronted ones. Each shape in my vision that was a solid color was the front of one of the blocks, but it was much more elaborate because there were thousands of different colored shapes in the painting, and thus thousands of blocks. They all fit together so perfectly that it gave the impression of just one wooden block painted many colors instead of many monochrome blocks that were cut so precisely that they fit together into one flat-fronted block. I became aware that they were separate blocks when the front surface of the block with the Bosch painting on the front (which was my field of vision), started to shift. The individual colored pieces were like Jenga blocks when the tower is still completely intact and you push one block into or out of the plane of the rest of the blocks around it. Some of the colored blocks got shifted towards me and some got shifted away from me so that the painting, which had been two-dimensional, became a three-dimensional object, but each individual colored shape was still two-dimensional, just a different distance away than the two-dimensional colored shapes surrounding it. My perception of time was very weird, and that whole painting/block experience felt both very long and very short. Essentially, I felt like a ton had happened, and I had been able to watch all of it in great detail, but it had only taken less than a second, in which time I normally would not have been able to focus on so many details.

After the painting/blocks experience, I became aware that the room had now become my body. This is tough to explain. A dresser and bookshelf of similar size were positioned against the wall across from me, and these were my shoes. The floor between my “shoes” and the bed that I was sitting on was now my legs. The wall behind me was my torso. I felt like I could no longer control or even feel the small human body that was actually mine, but I could feel the larger room “body” that I was now occupying. For example, my friend at one point moved to the part of the floor that was now my left leg and stood there. I immediately felt a sharp pain in my left leg (not my real left leg, but the floor, which I was sure was now part of my body), and I begged him to get off of me. He complied, and the pain went away, just as I had suspected. Next, I had my first experience of self-awareness during the trip. I first noticed that I was laughing uncontrollably, but I didn’t feel like I was laughing. It was just the physical thing that people normally called “me” that was laughing, but my mind was completely detached. I remember thinking, “Shut up. You sound ridiculous,” but I had no way of communicating with the laughing body, so I just let it go. I also had a moment of panic about the bubbler I had been smoking, because I had no recollection of putting it down, and I thought I might have dropped it on the bed. I think one of my friends had taken it from me. When I thought of that, though, I remember trying very hard to reenter my human body instead of my room body, and I somehow managed to do it and sit up from the wall. As soon as I did, I felt like my trip was over and I was myself again. I was able to explain a little to my friends about what had happened, and they were impressed. Then I leaned back against the wall again, and immediately was grabbed by the hair on my neck and yanked back against the wall again (although not through the glass tunnel this time). I had reentered the room body. I said something like “Oh Shit! This trip is not over!” I sat there and marveled at the fact that I had briefly returned to reality and been aware of myself, but was now clearly back in the salvia universe where I embodied the room, and once again not in control. It was a scary thought. I realized that my touching the wall was what carried me back and forth between the two worlds. I struggled to get away from the wall again, which was difficult because the wall became my back every time I touched it, and when I finally managed to sit up from it, I was again back in my human body and aware of my friends. I stood up from the bed and stared at the spot on the wall I had been leaning against, and then excitedly explained the phenomenon to my friends. One of them said I should sit back down in the spot and keep tripping. I said I didn’t want to. I was afraid that one of these times I would not be able to renter my own body and would be stuck being the room forever. Plus, I wasn’t sure it would keep working. Eventually he talked me into trying one more time. The same thing happened. I was yanked back by my hair and into the room-body. The concept was too freaky so I sat up a third time, which I had now mastered, and refused to go back on the bed. I have yet to go back to my friend’s room and sit in that same spot, but I remember thinking that I would always go back to the salvia world and enter the room-body if I sat there, even if it were days later, and I weren’t tripping. It was like the wall was the trigger, and the salvia itself had only shown me how to activate it, by resting my head against that particular spot, and now that I knew how to use it, I wouldn’t have to smoke anything to go back.

I have no recollection of moving to the other room, but I must have, because the next thing I remember was standing by the computer, where my friend was sitting and playing some video that he wanted me to watch. As soon as I looked at the screen and heard the sounds coming from the computer, I knew deep inside of me that that computer was satanic. I quickly backed away from it and sat down on the futon, staring at the computer in horror. I don’t know why, but I just knew that that computer was bad and had to be turned off. I begged my friend to turn it off and close the screen, but he just kept telling me to watch it. I became terrified that something was going to happen to me if I stayed in the room with videos playing on the computer, so I ran into the hallway (we were in a dorm room) and sat down against the wall outside the door. The video that had been playing had a soundtrack song with a heavy base beat, and this was all I could hear or think about as I sat there in the hallway, still scared that the computer would find a way to harm me. The base beat grew louder and louder and turned into a heartbeat. Before long, I was sitting with my face on my knees and my hands over my ears, listening to the heartbeat pounding painfully loud inside my head. My other friend stuck his head out the door and looked at me and told me to give him the case I was holding, which contained weed, salvia, and my bubbler. I gave it to him, and he went to go back inside, but I begged him to stay out with me because I didn’t want him in there with the computer either. I was also slightly aware that I was now alone and still tripping, and my friends who should have been my sitters were all inside. When he realized that I was legitimately terrified, he asked my friend playing the video to turn it off and assured me that the computer was off. I realized that I couldn’t hear the heartbeat anymore, so I reluctantly and cautiously went back into the room and sat back down on the futon, eyeing the computer.

Nothing really crazy happened after that, but I felt like I sat on that futon for ages. The one detail I do remember is that I kept having to sit up and rearrange myself because if I kept my back against the back of the futon for too long, they would grow together and I would be stuck. I came down from the trip some time while I was sitting there, but I was worried that I hadn’t because I still didn’t feel completely in control of myself. I later realized that I probably only felt that way because I was also very high, but at the time, I was really concerned that my trip was running way longer than it should. I felt like it had been four or five hours already, and I wanted to be completely in control of myself again. If I ever smoke salvia again, I won’t be high when I do it, for this reason. It was by far the craziest and most intense experience I have ever had. For the rest of the night, I remember having several crazy thoughts about the trip, and thinking that I understood why that boy Brett had killed himself after smoking salvia back in 2006. Before the trip, I felt like I had experienced most of the sensations and emotions that there are to experience in the world. I am eighteen, and I figured that if there were something to feel and experience, I had probably seen it by now. After the trip, I felt like the set of things I had experienced was absolutely miniscule compared to the possibilities that salvia and other drugs could offer. This terrified me, because besides weed and some pills, salvia is the only drug I have messed around with, and I have no desire to try acid, ecstasy, heroine, or anything else, except for maybe mushrooms. Still, I felt like I might be missing out on the world. In the same way that people would look at a loner who spends all his time in his house and never gets out and meets people and say, “It’s too bad that that guy is missing out on so much. He’s missing out on the world. He’s missing out on life,” I looked at myself and thought, “What if I am missing out on the world as it is meant to be experienced. What if we all, by not smoking salvia and trying other drugs, are only experiencing a dull, muted version of the world that God actually intends us to live in?” I also remember telling my girlfriend before we fell asleep that I felt like in the other universe I had visited, there was a completely different reality with a completely different set of laws (not legal ones, but physical laws, e.g. in the world we normally live in, we know that if you jump, you will fall, if you eat, you will feel less hungry, and if you touch a hot iron, you will burn yourself…this other universe had a completely different set of laws like these). I wondered if this other universe I had experienced were actually the real one, and if the one that I had been experiencing my whole life, with its particular concepts of space and time, were just a muted, dull, or entirely fake one altogether. I told her that I didn’t think I would ever find the meaning of life in the reality I normally lived in, but that if I looked hard enough in the other universe, I would be sure to find it somewhere. I was, and still am, afraid to back there, because if I did find it, I don’t think I could ever be content to live in the world I am in now.

To sum it up, I had a fucking cool experience with salvia, but it also made me think really hard about my life and how I perceive things. So be careful with that shit. It’s intense.


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