Salvia Trip

Galloping Horses


Posted by James on 08/06/2011
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Method of Ingestion:smoke

I am a 63 year old male,who!s life experience included different types of halucinogens.I became curious about salvia,but thought how potent could it be,after all its sold over the counter,three types were available,30X 60Xand 90XI purchased the 90XThat evening a friend visited i announced i was going to try it.Well i did,i packed my one hitter chock full of sticky purple 90X,took a big hit,and held it for about 30 seconds,then it hit like a freight train.I was suddenly caught in what felt like a huge surf wave,pushing me hard to my left,i looked towards the wall and appearing to me were four galloping horses,with bridles and nostrils flaring,the one closest to me was an arabian,then i realized what was pushing were the horsesI had no choice but to go with them,my friend later told me i was prancing about the room,like a two leged horse,not sure how long it lasted,no concept of time,also auditory Halucinations,like an electronic chant,droning in my head,a very strange experience indeed


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