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Posted by Anonymous on 07/12/2010
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Type/Strength:Experience Alternatives - 30x
Method of Ingestion:Pipe

This was my first trip on Salvia and won't be the last !!!

I have smoked pot for over 8 years and have consumed mushrooms twice. Nothing compares to what I experienced yesterday night.

I did my research on how to trip so I set myself on a quiet room, dimly lit with no music. I wanted to have my friend around to watch my trip, but he wasn't available (NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL).

So for the first try, I put a very small amount of Salvia on the pipe and took a toke. It gave me sort of a high, a lot dimmer than pot. So I tripled the dosage right away and sat on the edge of my bed, took a deep breath of this magical plant and hold it in for 20 or 30 seconds.

I notice right away how things started to shift and while I leaned back on the bed, I let the air out and it felt like I just landed on a cloud and went through the bed. Then the trip started.

The ceiling had some sort of texture and started to pop out like a 3D kaleidoscope, forming geometrical figures that spread all over the room. It was very enticing and the orange/red light on the background colored the shapes in different shades. The palette of colors was amazing. The feeling of no up/down left/right was great and I felt like riding on a roller-coaster. I didn't wanted to move around the room or get up from the bed and I was holding on to the duvet just to not fall. (I was still on my bed, but it felt like I was moving around). The trip lasted for 10 minutes. It was quite a ride, just like I expected.

After such a great trip, I decided to put some Deadmau5 tracks and some psychedelic visualizations. Refilled the bowl with 1/10 of a gram and set up the bed so I could watch the TV while trippin.
Took another big toke and let the trip start again. I don't remember much of the music, but the effect was quite strong. The images on the TV just flooded the room and the kaleidoscopic shapes were amazing.
This time the trip was different. At some point I closed my eyes, probably due to the intensity of the images and I started to talk to someone, like having a conversation.

I was telling a joke or something like that and started laughing about it. The feeling of happiness was awesome. It was like I was telling the best joke ever and everyone was laughing around.
This trip was even better. It was quite overwhelming with the images, but well worth it.

Overall trippin on Salvia is great. You have to know what are you getting into. This is not for someone who just wants to fool around or doesn't know anything about psychedelics.

This is great if you are in a relaxing mood and want to experience something out of this world. You need to have your mind open for this psychedelic trip. Having someone you trust close to you might give you the chance to experience it without worrying about getting hurt while running around. I think I needed to feel that confidence to jump into the Vortex next time. Some part of my mind was telling me to stay on my bed.

I will do some more experiments with Salvia. Maybe on a green field sometime. Next time I will increase the dosage, no trippy videos, get a mirror and some Pink Floyd on the Background. I will get my friend to look over me for sure too.

C u on the Other Side ! ! !


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