Salvia Trip

Great first trip


Posted by Mr.MojoRisin on 16/08/2010
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Method of Ingestion:bong

after taking my rip i layed down on the floor and closed my eyes. then in my mind i was in the world from read dead redemption and was having an experience similar to playing the game. Then that trip merged into a new one i dont remember much from the visuals but what stands out is my trip to the gates of hell. i saw satan and he was trying to lure me in but i pretty much said f**k off and turned my back to him. After that i walked into a peaceful forest and eventually opened my eyes. Upon opening my eyes i found that i didn't feel any of my limbs and it was as though i wasn't me anymore i was floating just above myself. It wasn't quite an out of body experience but it was close. I kept moving my eyes in circles feeling as though i could see everything and everything looked magnificient. The things in the room started to move around as though i was walking towards and away from them. And that's the end of my first trip, i will say the comedown wasn't very enjoyable it made me really want to take another larger rip but i knew i had to just deal with it because another would have been abusive in my mind. Also while trippin i really lost track of time, i could have been tripping for days based on how it felt


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