Salvia Trip

Heaven & Hell


Posted by Gavin on 17/05/2009
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Method of Ingestion:glass swirl pipe

ok so my slavia had just come in the post ot me and m mate went out when up to a field we had never been before which didnt help. I took the first hit and everything just changed the only thing i really remember was te clouds being really close to me and me shouting at them. Anyway my trip was good, but then my mate had a go he wasat first are this is shit then just fell on the floor an dstarted rolling and shouted out where am i so i sadi ' welcome to my world !!' now this fucked him up he started tring to grab me and kept on rocking and shouting no no no. When he came back roud he saing that he was trying to catch me and him as he coudl see us both sitting in the field as if he was in heaven. but i was said no you where just lying rolling there. He explined it a if he was in heaven and fallign to hell. He then said im not doign that again but when we puled out the pipe ater he was all up for it this time he thaught he was in a play :P anyway funniest high ive seen ever .


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