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Posted by Anonymous on 17/01/2011
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Method of Ingestion:bong

While at the local taboo show and on a whim after buying my new chamber bong I decided to pick up a salvia pack to christen it with. Being inexperienced and uninformed I applied a "go big or go home" approach and got the 50x over the 10, 20, or 40x options. Eager to use my new bong with my newest hallucinagen I did go home, and after seeing the missus' to bed measured out (thankfully) approx. .15g - I say thankfully because the pack said to use .5g. I remember burning almost the whole bowl with one hit tasting the smoke and looking at the ashes. Next, in an instant my entire world, life, and existance washed away from me - it was as though there were some unseen entities behind me in my kitchen saying things to me which I can't remember but whatever they said had me reeling about the reality of my existance and everything I had ever thought I was. But this was not my kitchen at all anymore It had become some kind of warpspeed parade street that was pulling me forward as the buildings and people to my left and right were cascading like fast waterfalls. I silently ( or so I thought ) screamed to the waterfalling crowd for someone to back me up to speak and validate to me and the entities that I was real. Then with an immense feeling of preassure and devastation I dropped/fell/collapsed down to the floor. It may have been seconds or minutes but the next thing I recall is stumbling on instinct I guess upstairs to the bedroom mumbling and groaning for anything to make sense of. All during this there was no recall whatsoever of having smoked the salvia and I was completely lost not knowing who I was or which way was up. When the bedroom door opened I think the look of concern on my wifes face was my first baby-step back to reality. She had just thrown back the covers to come check on me after she'd awakened to my shouting downstairs and had remembered that I was going to try the salvia out. By now there was a clammy sweat pouring off my body and perhaps with it the effects were slowly flowing as well. Only semi-coherant I alternately fast paced in circles or covered my head while throwing myself onto the bed as the wife tried to make grasp with what state I was in. Not an easy task through my ramblings. This carried on for a couple of minutes then up I got and back downstairs I stumbled. All the while now gaining a better foothold in what was real and part of that reality was finding my new bong splayed across the kitchen counter the water and ashes everywhere. In hindsight this clearly told me just how quickly the salvia had worked as the trip had gotten intense so fast that I didn't even set the bong down after my hit but had dropped it as I had collapsed earlier; A bit scary I might add and a damn good reason why a spotter is advised ( I should have read this forum beforehand ). Anyhow the rest of the trip was smoother as the effects diminished and I would estimate the intense hallucination/altered reality portion to be 10 minutes or so and the total trip effect in the 25-35 minute range. After reading the trip rating scale I'd say this had been a solid 5 bordering on a 6, like the title above says HEAVVVVY hit!


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Posted by grimjim on 01/18/2011
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Wow and OMG. You brave naive fool. Luckily it sounds like you're an experienced toker, and although its freaked you out, you've kept a grip on reality and hopefully are not too shaken after the event? In retrospect how do you feel now? I think if you tried again but say with lower strength like 10x or 20x you would be able to build up and "learn" more about the different kinds of trip it gives. For me its like a different trip every time. Also I think the strength is not as important, its more the amount you toke in one go. A well-packed 5x bong held for as long as possible can be just as good as a 20x toke. Hope your wife is ok too!? Must have scared her a bit as well. You mentioned beings behind you talking to you. Very interesting. Thanks for writing it up. Keep us posted.

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