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Posted by joseloveskush on 01/10/2010
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Method of Ingestion:bong

i smoked salvia with my sister earlier that day and we were all just laughing and stuff everyone was having a good time but i know this is not a party drug or antyhing close to it so i saved some for myself to try at home in the dark

i packed a big bong rip and listened to some kid cudi-girls sounds and colors
but before i knew it my dad was holding me down on my bed he said i was inbetween my bed and my sliding glass window trying to get out.i have no recollection of these events i dont even remeber after 15 second of the kid cudi song or how the headphones came off my head and my ipod was on the ground.

now heres the wierd part heres what i can remember and im sure there was alot more but i cant remrmber it,

i was in a house or something with three two other people i didnt know who they were but i was with them and i don t know what we were doing but i can remember what happened to pull me out back into reality.

somehow i ened up in my house but i was wearing some wierd type clothing like a jumpsuit that was attatched to me and it had clip type hooks. the next thing i know i see my house a bunch of other people type things in jumpsuits with clips but they were connected to me too and they were getting pulled through my house into someone elses and then into black space with nothing in it. this is were i guess my dad pinned me to the bed because i was trying to go through the sliding glass window. in the salvia state i was still ingering in it felt as if my head and neck were the only thing left and my dads head was the only part of him i could see but i felt like he was holding my clips on my right side as to not let me go into the black space with all the other people attatched to the jumpsuits. then he slapped me and i felt like i came back but the next thing i knew i was the clip on the jumpsuit and i felt like i was going to dissapear totaly but he slapped me again and i came back stood up was all sweaty and breathing hard but i was happy because i could see salvia let me have a breaktrough on my first try but i have a feeling it wasnt done and that i should have let go and trusted her to show me where i would have been taken

what do you guys think


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Posted by grimjim on 01/16/2011
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That's the thing! Even 5x which doesn't sound so strong, can have a big effect if you pack a large bong. And for some people who react in a physical way this is why you should have a friend watching over you, because sometimes the effects SD has can be quite compelling, making you do things you don't know you are doing. I expect you frightened your Dad. I know I would be very concerned about my kids in a similar situation. Be thankful for him discovering your situation and looking after you - it could have ended in a bad way. It sounds to me like you might be a bit too young to be trying Salvia really? it's none of my business what you do in your life, but can I suggest you be a bit more careful in future? Either leave it for a couple more years (there's plenty of time in life), or do it with friends you trust who can watch over you. You mentioned feeling like only your head and neck existed, and I've had a similar feeling, where I took SD while walking my dog, and it felt like my head was walking, totally unaware of my body and legs. Very strange. Anyway, if you choose to do SD some more (I can't stop you), enjoy, but please be careful and responsible.

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