Salvia Trip

Holy fuck...


Posted by Anonymous on 11/09/2010
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Method of Ingestion:pipe

I knew absolutely nothing about salvia, which was probably where i made my first mistake, but my friend and i decided we'd give it a try. he took one hit and was a laughing disaster, and ultimately had a good time visiting with Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and flying around in a boat. When it was my turn to take a hit, I packed a fat bowl and took a hit, holding in the smoke for 20 seconds. As i exhaled, i felt absolutely nothing and nothing happened so five minutes later i took two more hits. Nothing. I packed another bowl and cashed it in one hit, holding in the smoke for 20 seconds again. My sitter was a little dumb fuck and took a hit too, so we were both fucked.

Immediately, i knew i had smoked too much. I stared at the woods in front of us and my car began to turn into a ship that was delivering us to the underworld for doing drugs. I didn't think much of it, as i had maybe accepted the fact i was dying. i closed my eyes for what felt like the rest of the 70 years i assume i'll have to live and when i opened them the whole world was melting and everything that has ever existed was pouring into my car. the car was full of melted and melting people all being sucked into a vortex in the side of my brain. my head began to get too full and the overflow poured out my eyes causing everything to melt further. i completely forgot i had smoked salvia and freaked out thinking that the trip was reality. to make matters worse my friend was a laughing mess making me think that he didn't realize what serious of a situation we were in (or what i thought or whatever) so i was trying to warn him that we were on the verge of death but he didn't care.

i closed my eyes hoping it'd go away and i suddenly realized that i was only tripping. as i started to pull myself out of the trip, my friend started to realize i was having a bad trip and tried to calm me down but his face was being sucked into my vortex and ugh it was the worst thing that has ever happened to me and i don't really remember anything else other than being more scared than i have ever been in my entire life. my heart was racing and i kept trying to escape from the car but everything was covered in blood and melting deformed humans... basically, although this trip was scary as fuck, it was completely life changing... eye opening and weird. i don't know what i learned from it, maybe that death really won't be all that bad, just really weird, but i feel like a completely different person now.

all in all, do not smoke 40x for your first time. hahaha shit.


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Posted by grimjim on 09/24/2010
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Yeah, aint that good advice.
Wow, 40x for a 1st time. Oh dear! Sounds like some freaky place you went to. Hey - but you're back safe and sound.


Posted by aazgog on 01/11/2011
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Yeah, 30X ain't no joke either!!! Never had an ILLEGAL drug this powerful!

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