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Posted by Anonymous on 15/06/2009
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Type/Strength:salvia 20x
Method of Ingestion:large bong

The other night was perhaps one of the most terrifying and enlightening experiences of my life.

It all started when me and some uni scumbags where smoking some dope, watching stupid videos on YouTube, and Elena looked through my drugs paraphernalia pencil box and found my small tin of the sacred shamanic herb Salvia Divinoram, the Divine herb.

"hey ed whats this?"

"ahh the sacred shamanic herb Salvia Divinoram, known for producing extremely profound hallucinations"

"lets smoke it!"


Now I've done this drug before, but the effects where minimal. Maybe some hysteric laughing and some weird visuals. Two people in the circle of lame stoners had done it before me and they were just laughing, so I was like, yeah this is going to fun, so I ripped a huge bong hit of this shit, and immediately.. I had lost my mind.

The fabric of reality ripped apart in front of my eyes like a huge zip, and I saw underneath of everything. I saw this other really bizarre alternate reality which words really just CANNOT describe... but I will try my darned hardest. This part of the trip was the hardest for me to remember but every now and again if I really think about it it all comes flooding back. It seems that my conscious mind wants me to forgot about it, to hide it away, because it really is some truth about life that my ego dose NOT want me too know about.

My mind completly left my body, I was in a different place, an unmaterial world. My body wasn't there. Reality folded in on itself I saw labyrinths of energy flowing everywhere, like small dots on circuit boards running from one place to another. Huge 3D structures of colour and logic erupted everywhere, they where made out of pieces of desk, Alex's head, the wall and other things around me. I was seeing into what seemed like a different dimension And this wasn't just some pretty eye candy that you get when you close your eyes when your really high sometimes, this was real. This is how things really are and we somehow decode this crazy random shit into something we can comprehend, because what I saw was totally uncomprehendable (is that a word? apparently not according to google)

At this point my reaction to the outsiders was of an animal going crazy. I was grabbing onto anything I could to keep myself from what I thought was death. I was licking the wall and proclaiming


Everyone of course was just in fucking stitches, which of course was not helping anything. I was stroking my face with the dovet and it was the wierdest sensation, it felt like my head wasn't even there.

This was of course all very terrifying and I just got up automaticly and walked up and down the hallway outside for 10 minutes tripping my ass off panicking. I gradually started to make an effort not to resist my ego death (the death of your sense of self and identity) and I layed down next to the rubbish bags at the end of the hall.

This funnily enough was when everything started making sense. I stopped resisting, and my 3rd eye went spinning around the universe, witnessing the building of giant, perfect, fractual structures that went on for infinity, and a superiour extradiminsional awareness making revelations about my character and how I perseive myself.

To the outsiders the only thing they could see was me lying on my front, groaning, appearing to be humping the floor.

I couldn't stand the observer twats so I thought about getting back to my flat, but I was scared that I would commit suicide (this is when I could fully comprehend and understand the meaning of life), but I gradually gathered up the muster to go. I left without saying goodbye and opened the door, (that I was sure at the time didn't even exist) and I was greated with the most crazy sight, the night sky, the stars.

I felt so fucking small.

I got back to my flat and the effects where still linguring. I got a drink of water, and was amazingly aware of how I have this weird thing called a mouth, that has these horrible pointy things that squish up organic matter for me to chemicly turn into energy, so I can carry on perpetuating the human species.

I layed down on my bed and closed my eyes and went off in another out of body experience, not as strong as the last one but almost equally as powerful. I was convinced that I had a connection to some kind of god or entity. It was raining down love and forgiveness, and I just bathed in it, crying my eyes out in joy.

I came to the conclusion (like many others) that this physical part of our life is just a small part of our existence. If you think about where our mind is, you can't really describe it. Its just this huge space behind our eyes where we can imagine things. But it really is infinitely huge and somehow it is connected to these extra dimensions that we cannot grasp with our conscious minds.

Our conscious minds are totally overpowered by our ego. Our ego is there in order for us to survive, to give us a will to live. But when that gets stripped away from you, you realise the real truth.

My advice to you right now would be to get it RIGHT NOW wile you still can. Its still legal amazingly and you can get it from the internet. Its just the leaf of the Salvia Divinoram plant, from the sage family. Amazing.

And do your research idiots before trying this amazing plant. is a good guide to the process of fucking (or opening) your mind up


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