Salvia Trip

Horizontal Spiral Vortex


Posted by Anonymous on 26/02/2010
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Method of Ingestion:water bong

I experienced salvia last night for the first time. I was in a safe familiar environment with my cousin. I am a person who experiences different levels of consciousness everyday. I consider myself a spiritual researcher and seer. I took in all smoke from the gram, I held for at least 30 seconds, and then I blacked out. My sitter informed me after that I was unconscious for about 60 sec. and then for an additional 60 sec. I had moved to the floor in a crawl, but still completely blacked out and unresponsive to anything. I apparently then started thrashing into walls and other objects trying to get to the door (which I had fortunately locked beforehand). At this point, while in the doorway cut-in, I "realized" that the north wall of this small cottage I was in was truely gravitationally "down" and the south wall was "up". So not only did I sense that everything was falling that direction, but it was falling in a tube-like corkscrew. The building had concaved horizontally. I perceived that there were 3-D threads that were spinning along the inner walls of the tube continually "down" (which was actually horizontally north). The threads were about 1 foot thick and about 1 foot off the surface of the concave walls. I finally had my coming out moment when I realized that I was still standing and my sitter was standing. I then started to understand that I was ok, but still had no recollection of any facts about my life, others, or any material objects I was seeing. I didn't know anything. It slowly started to fade as I started to realize more and remembered I was on a trip. All said and done, It was about 16-20 minutes.


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Posted by qnqreal on 03/03/2010
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I know exactly what you mean by the sense of direction change and loss of all memory. the first time I experienced salvia was in my car, and behind me seemed to be up, and forward was down, I found myself lieing sideways, almost crawling onto my friends lap with my foot out the window, completely forgetting that I had been tripping, and with no idea as to what was happening to me, or why. I only remembered learning. learning that nothing was real, and that everything was subject to my consciousness. I remember trying to make the "real world" change by thinking on the way home, and it took me a day or two to really calm down.

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