Salvia Trip

Horrifyingly Necessary


Posted by Anonymous on 04/02/2010
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Type/Strength:60X tincture enhanced leaf
Method of Ingestion:Smoking

I smoked two bowls of 60X enhanced Salvia Divinorum.

I saw the fractals of time clunking and chinking in and out of this reality, it seemed like some hideous galactic time clock counting down, while all the while speeding up, with a repeating cycle that occurred about every four tenths of a second. I opened my mouth and remembered that I hadn't been breathing and had to force myself to do so as if I'd lost the involuntary capacity to do so. I picture my mouth continuing to open and had a horrific hallucination of my mouth opening past physical boundaries and my soul/spirit viewing it from above.

I stood up, the Native American pattern on the rug jumped out in 3-D, geometric shapes that rose from the floor, bounding my body. Then all matter and light, everything I saw started mimicking the chanking of the alarm clock and synchronously all images started to fragment and slip as in rhythm to this clock.

Then it got real scary, I heard myself talking but from a distance, like in a corridor or standpipe from far away saying, "No, no yet I'm not ready." The ceiling peeled away and I felt pieces of myself being torn along with it. I could still hear the conversation, but I was in another room of the house and had no idea how I got there, I found my body in the other room. I was crying, saying that, "But I would miss Bart and he would miss me, I don't want to go."

The fractals calmed down and I opened my eyes, forty minutes had past, I went outside and cried for thirty or so minutes, during that time both my cat and dog found me and lay close to me like sentinels, i looked straight up into the sky for a very long time watching clouds and hummingbirds fly by.

I can't wait for my partner to get home so I can put my arms around him.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 02/04/2010
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Thanks for a nice report. Hope you are reconnecting.

The sound and feeling of being torn away is very strange and as you describe "horrifying". I usually feel my teeth and the roof of my mouth feel metallic right before I get ripped into the other place.

My trips are increasing in length the more I use Salvia, so I wait until my soul, spirit, and body tell me it is time to journey.

Somehow no matter how comfortable I get with Salvia sometimes the trip comes back with a reason for me to have some real respect and remember it isn't possible to really understand how I get to a point where my waking self and my sleeping self sometimes make me feel as if I have been torn away to a place outside the usual comfortable "box" world I mistakenly think is all there is to reality.


Posted by kwinger on 02/04/2010
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Thanks for your response. I have co-interpreted the clock/fractal vision as slipping between the gates of parellelity. The galactic clock which I characterized as a four-tenths of a second was actually presented to me mote precisely as .3963, the significance of which I do not know, for those numerologists out there my trip took place on 2/3/10 @ 10:35am pat in 92117.

Additionally I felt as if the infinite parellels I was trapped between were being modulated by the galactic timewave, which i now know is observable by the merging of the senses because I experienced it at every sensory level. I also know that dimesions are also a human construct, like they can only be explained with the limited tools we have to place them in neat, rational boxes that don't challenge our comfort zones.

Furthuore despite the intensity of the experience I plan on trying it again after I have made some crucial changes in my life and how I view the world.

Diviners sage is not for the weak of spirit at high concentrations. Trust.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 02/05/2010
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Awesome. I found a real searcher.

I will try and share in my own language what I experienced on these sensory journeys in what you call the "human construct". These are all trips taken in the dark laying on my bed without other distractions. No sitters, no music, no light except a digital clock.

I always make note of the time right as I exhale at about a 30 to 40 count. I turn my eyes toward the ceiling and relax and let go.

I see the "infinite parallels" in countless curved onion-like layers. They appear to be an awareness of many dimensions of pieces of a much bigger place. My body, the darkness, everything. I always leave my eyes open in the dark and watch a progression of purple n blue waves march and pulse as I enter into the trip. Then I am swept away.

Sometimes I sink or meld with the bed and layer uncountably into other scenes and visions that are difficult to remember. Other times everything seems to be racing away from me. One night I saw the outline of my body become as an aura of red, green and gold race away in uncountable waves going who knows where.? Each time I abandon myself to the visions until I return to the remembrance that I am on my bed in the dark.

Just when I think I am back it sweeps me away again. Deeper and deeper as I accept all. Then back again for a few moments and then off again and again, layering onion uncountable levels.

Sometimes there are creatures or people or I am in a strange city. Sometimes I am just in a "void" sensing a healing or even a secret that is being unpeeled from deep within myself. Again layers and layers as being shown the infiniteness of everything.

One night I took a long journey on a green highway passing through many other peoples dreams or trips i think. As it turned out, I returned on the greenlight which was actually a green light on my cable box. It made me laugh from deep within my center.

The most cherished of my trips was when I suddenly thought i was really dying. It scared me for a while but then I accepted it and was thankful for having experienced many good things in my life. I came back as though being reborn. I wrote a post called "The Peaceful Moment of Death" but I think it may have been deleted from the library you can browse on the site. I am not sure really?

The last time I went under real deep and it seemed like only around 10 minutes which is normal for me many times. But this one I traveled through a tunnel with shiny black walls and emerged somewhere through a huge geometric maze of spider web like curtains. I suddenly found myself back on my bed and checked the clock. I had to look like 3 times !! 40 minutes had gone by and i was in awe.

I don,t know anything about your number comments at all but it sounds interesting.

Well, all in all it seems to me that some of the trips are inside a corridor of time. But there are others where it seems I am outside the corridor on the other side of a invisible curtain.

I wish I was better at writing these things, but I hope there is something here helpful to you.


Posted by grimjim on 09/24/2010
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Fascinating, listening to the two of you talk.

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