Salvia Trip

How Indescribable!


Posted by dvanhammy on 18/12/2010
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Method of Ingestion:1 hit from homemade bong/bowl

Lemme start off by saying this: until trying this, I had no intention of trying hallucinogens of any kind. I'm more a fan of being aware of what my own mind is capable of logically, and being aware of the world around me. friend decided to get some because he felt taken back by Miley Cyrus' "salvia" (didn't LOOK like a salvia trip to me) experience. He thought "if that prissy little princess could do it, I HAVE to." So I went with him to purchase it, and my accompaniment wasn't utterly pointless, I initially came to haggle a price at a local smoke shop I shop at (although later I found out they're sold at a solid, nonnegotiable price).

So it escalated from there and I watched him use it. He didn't seem to trip, and he didn't know what to make of it, but he looked like he was having a great time so it convinced me to try some of his left-overs. The next day (after he claimed to finally see a 'trip') i tried the 1/8th of a gram he had left.

We just got out of school, sat in his car in the parking lot, stationary. I took one hit from a homemade iced tea bottle-turned bong-turned bowl, and it was one of the biggest hits of my life, I filled my lungs AND my mouth, smoke came pouring out. All of four to five seconds after inhaling this one hit, I felt undeniably heavy, comparable to the best body high from the best weed that I had ever smoked on my best day on this planet. But I was still conscious of my actions. I cracked the door open (because the car was turned off) and exhaled all of it not long after, as the hit I took was far to big to hold in for any more than 20 seconds.

The trip first began to kick in approximately 20 seconds after I inhaled, about the same time I exhaled, just about when he handed the bowl back to me, and I attempted to put it on the floormat of the car between my own two feet, because my hands felt too heavy to hold anything comfortably, all the while I sat smirking, uncontrolably. The floormat and it's qualities looked all-familiar, albeit one aspect: there seemed to be a ledge, as if the beige mat was compromised of two steps, my feet being on the higher of the two. So I, mistakenly (as I was still aware that I was beginning a trip) placed the bowl (to keep the slide upwards, preventing a spill) against this "ledge." Looking away, then making a quick double-take, I realized that although I still saw the ledge, my familiarity with the car made me remember it wasn't actually there. Despite the fact that I still saw the ledge, I moved the bottle because I knew it didn't really exist. That's when my nervous laugh began (or so it felt like a nervous laugh). My confusion it seems, brought on this anxiety. I wasn't scared, but I was paralyzed with confusion.

Once the paralysis set in, that's when I was drawn into another world. I don't remember exactly how I arrived there, much like a dream, but I was suddenly unable to see my body, or feel my physical definition. I convinced myself I was still real, but I quite literally felt stuck in this world. It was solely compromised of a sheet, a plane if you will, textured primarily like that of a pattern not very dissimilar from that of the carseat on which I sat. But I felt like part of it, and I'm assuming because of how heavy I felt, I also felt "stuck" to it. So, if your imagination (or prior experience) will finish the depiction: if you can only see something that IS flat (such as a texture), you've been paralyzed by your dumbfounded confusion of your perception of the world, you no longer can see or feel your body, what would YOU feel like? Precisely that: a free-floating conscious mind in a two dimensional world. I almost felt like I was slowly leaned backwards by some gravitational force, and then fell into a dream of absolute nonsense. It was indescribable.

English words (and other languages as far as I know) should not be able to describe what I felt. But my best attempt was that of a two dimensional world overtaking me. Suddenly, after 20 seconds or so of being off in another world, unable to focus or remember much of anything (since there wasn't much of anything TO remember) I began to see my friend sitting in the driver's seat next to me. Although I couldn't make out where he was, my mind started working again (although at an extremely accelerated pace, like that of an anxiety attack) and I began to see glimpses of certain objects through what seemed to be a fog compromised of this two dimensional pattern that clouded my vision. I recognized my buddy, and remembered what was happening and where I was, but I couldn't see all that much of his car's interior. I was freaked out.

So I had no choice, I had to change my environment (from what I've read, this was a good choice by my instincts, as I had no prior experience or advice with or for hallucinogens.) So I sprung from the car, opening the door that I never shut all the way (after I had exhaled). The world seemed right, the parking lot looked much more familiar than the car, when I looked back in the car, splotches of this oddly familiar texture were blinding my, like sunspots and "squigglies" that you may see when looking at direct sunlight for too long. I had to turn away from looking within the car, despite the fact that I was looking for my friend for comfort that I could communicate again. I began to view things normally again (or so I thought), despite a loss of peripheral vision. But when I focused on my friend to helplessly utter fragments (as I could not describe anything in words), I began to see a pattern floating and pulsating on him, like that of a chain link fence, but with the intensity and transparency of those 'sun-squigglies' I was mentioning earlier. It was patterned all over him, and they pulsated when I stared long and hard enough. It was an intense and enjoyable drop from my other-worldly, indescribable experience. I sat back down, immediately lit a cigarette (for what reason, I believe, from what I ws told by a few girl friends of mine [who would rightfully know better than I] that I had an anxiety attack upon coming back). I must say I enjoyed my anxiety attack to, except for the short-lived, 4 to 5 second loss of breath.

All the while I had this pissy attitude, which I attributed to the fact that, other than the 20 to 30 seconds i was immobilized, I struggled to explain what was going on. I had full ability to think and speak, but I couldn't describe it in English (as it is even hard to do now, sober). It took me hours and hours and days and days of deep though and reminiscing to come up with this description, and despite it's daunting length, I still feel it isn't enough to truthfully chronicle what exactly transpired.


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