Salvia Trip

How to explain....??


Posted by Anonymous on 11/09/2007
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Type/Strength:Regular leaf
Dosage:2 hits
Method of Ingestion:bubbler

I had en experience 2 days ago with lady salvia. i'm not sure if one could even call it an experience because of the extremely short duration, relative non intensity, was so profound that i am left a little baffled. I took two relatively large hits of regular dried leaf. the effects that were to come were not new to me, i have experienced them many times before, but this time i understood it differently, even though my exact words at the time were "why is it so confusing?".

after the first exhalation, i felt the clear openness of salvia's energy which is like a breath of crisp spring air. a slight repetition of thoughts as well. after the 2nd exhalation, the repition of thoughts change from my voice to salvia's voice. it's like a distant singing, in a very steady rhythm, it's probably the most beautiful sounds that i've ever heard. Then along with the singing comes the disassociation, my perspective is changed, i'm no longer just looking from my eyes.
(this is when i was slightly put off by the effects because my physical body and ego weren't agreeing with the shift of perspective. i was sitting on a cluttered bed, with the light on, and my humidifier not so quietly humming in the spur of the moment decision to smoke put me in a position that was not so comfortable for my body and ego. so i became antzy and had to put away the piece i was using and the bag. i then got up and walked around my room to calm myself down. *NOTE* none of this was negative in any way. just uncomfortable.)

so this is probably the hardest part to explain and leaves me the most confused, though it's happened before. my room takes on a life to it that is so freakin hard to describe. everything in my room starts talking, but not visually. there was no hallucinatory (word??) movement of any kind really. this was FELT on a very different level that i seemingly have not felt before. nothing was talking, but more singing along with the singing voice of salvia in my head while in some way moving that is not usually percievable normally. it was like sight and sound were combined and i could visualize it moving from just hearing it. this is really not giving credit at all to what it actually felt like so it leaves me frustrated as i want to be able to explain it to myself most of all. that's why it was so confusing, because i myself couldn't understand the shift going on and wasn't at the moment able to explain it to myself, and i wasn't satisfied with just sitting still and letting it take me because my ego was still too much in a fight and wanted to analyze and explain it.

so i walked around my room, then to my bathroom and back, and when i was on my way to the bathroom, i suddenly got the happiest most excited feeling in me. i just got a huge smile and upon returning to my room had to laugh (probably more like giggle) and i just felt refreshed, clean, content, happy, etc... i was afterwards in a very thoughtful state of mind and i just want to discuss all these subjects with myself. i'm not sure what to make of this experience. this report is probably the most unorganized ever, but that is how my thinking is right now. it was very positive though and left me in a very peaceful yet excited reflective state of mind. it feels like i was more receptive to salvia this time. it's been a while since i've done even as much as i did tonight. i thought that my previous, visual, experiences were profound, but this one, which by the way lasted for no more than 2 min., has left me very profoundly altered in some way. it was definetly a very profound experience. i am so happy that i met with salvia again, it sparks such activity in my mind.


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