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Posted by Vidooch on 09/05/2010
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Type/Strength:Mind Heavy

yeah, your mind going through one giant circle (thoughts and overlapping realities)

the experience is all in the mind, when you feel any kind of discomfort or fear - let go, smile, and try to enjoy it HEAL yourself.

I am very self-examining - it's all about who you are, where you are in your life, or when your experiencing it...What is going on with your life?

Not sure if the psychedelic experience is safe for people who analyze things too much. I am a virgo and I analyze.

for me: "I wanna heal everyone" is an epiphany I received. People get small pieces of epiphanies in the waking world when they work for them. Mind. Heal. Everyone gets a little piece of it. "Living inside mind placement" - sorry i don't know. It's unique to you. God heal with music. Melody I am, making it live. Living life is answers.

How can you always try to have a good trip?
ANSWER: Embrace your life dreams positive and in a practical manor. Make yourself embrace it, how badly do you want it?

I know I am having some control issues, can anyone else tell?

Music and performance has healing powers, and so do you!


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Posted by Vidooch on 05/09/2010
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The Thought After:

So this Huge Circle was the huge circle because I did see revolutions and I did have a trip that was similar to returning to the original starting point. Some one once told me a long time ago that taking these trips was a lot like putting your life in reverse.

Now, I know I've read that salvia can be a very specific type of trip for people that is different than other hallucinogens, but for me, it was the same trip. I am put into the same transcendental state that other hallucinogens have brought me to, although this one was brought on much quicker. I really believe everything is created by you. If you experience saliva spirits or beings - you made them.


Posted by Vidooch on 05/10/2010
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I also forgot to mention that my trip guide was Ellen DeGeneres because she makes me feel safe.

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