Salvia Trip

I\'ve been to deep space


Posted by Anonymous on 21/01/2011
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Method of Ingestion:bong

This was my first time using salvia and I can tell you it was the most rev elating experience ever.

As i held in the hit my legs began to vibrate profusely and i thought it felt nice, however i was not prepared to enter "deep space" for it was my first time. As soon as i let out the hit my entire consciousness traveled somewhere else, My friends began spinning around me as i traveled through a wormhole type thing. At this point i forgot where i was and why i was there, I thought to myself that this was it, this was all that existed and i would float in this dimension forever. Everything turned into a thin line and swirled around me as I fell to the floor. When i was on the floor i thought i was in space, floating through a visible spectrum of time and space, I entered the TRUE reality, becoming aware that the physical reality we lived in was not all that there was, and there are infinite realities parallel to each other. Then, i started jumping through different universes, and stopping to observe each one as if i was on a trip through everything in existence.

When i started coming back i realized how precious the physical world is, and while we are here we need to enjoy the luxury that living here is and be comfortable with the fact that we may be able to come back when we die, but as an entity that is free to travel through universe to universe, and it was only uncontrollable because i am still attached to this physical world. I will do salvia again to further explore existence to its furthest extent, which is infinite, which is why salvia is so amazing to experience.

I will be sure to post my next experience because i will be prepared next time, and maybe more able to comprehend the deep space environment i entered.


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