Salvia Trip

I asked them to please call 911


Posted by Anonymous on 15/03/2011
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Method of Ingestion:pipe/bong

So, I went and bought salvia for the very first time the yesterday and bought 10x. I figured this was a safe amount but that I would still have some effects.

Now I feel I need to point out that I have history of panicking on psychoactive drugs. I did okay with molly, e bombs, and even acid. But I actually had just tried shrooms for the first time about a week ago and had a semi bad trip.

Now back to my story, I was at a very chill house with really chill people who altohugh they had never smoked it themselves they had seen people do it. So me and someone else took a couple small tokes out of the pipe and nothing happened besides a slight loss of balance. So, I took a fat bong rip and I remember passing it to my friend and looking over at the person sitting across from me and then BAM i kept reliving that same situation over and over and over again. Me handing my friend the bong and looking over at the old guy. Then I would hand the bong to him again and look over at the old guy and it wouldnt stop. No matter how I tried to stop it I couldnt. Then there were rolling field of checkers or something like in alice in wonderland and I remember openeing some sort of door.

All of the sudden I started panicking because I thought that maybe my life had always been this way and that my real life had never existed at all, I had imagined it all. every memory i had wasnt real. Now its important to remember that I am full on panicking now because I had no recollection of taking any drug so i didnt know why my mind was like this. All of the sudden I remembered I had taken sime sort of drug that got me stuck this way so I started spitting. Thats when people started noticing I wasnt having a good trip.
I was trying to remember how to talk so I could ask them to call 911. Confused, I asked the people talking if they were the "real people" and they reassured me they were so i asked them to please call 911 please! then i came out of it and realized it wasnt real at all.

Never again will I do salvia.


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