Salvia Trip

I experienced the life of a plant


Posted by Anonymous on 16/03/2011
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Method of Ingestion:bong

The most intense hallucination I've ever had was through LSD when I was 16. I had taken smaller doses before but wasn't ready for the true effects of a large dose. I left my body because the intense visuals and anxiety. The rest of the journey was seen through 3rd person, kind of like a sleepwalking state, then randomly being shot out into vast dark corners of the universe from time to time. When I came back in my body it definitely took some time to make sense of things, but I was still to young to fully understand what had occurred that night, i say night but what I experienced felt like 2 or 3 days. Over the years I've continued to try to get to that out of body experience, through LSD and psilocybin, but never achieved anything similar. Here I sit after my first salvia experience with the similar effects of heavy lsd doses. Except way shorter. What I did notice though that I found to be really interesting is whenever I leave my body, separate just the life, no thought or anythings else the wormholes and patterns look the exact same. I wanna say they look like colorful lifesavers but zippers of them and infinite. It started to get a little scary for me once I felt like I was a molecule of the rug I was sitting on. It felt like I was a plant like I could see everything I wanted to move but was rooted to something just a part of the doormat I was sitting on. Then bam back in my body. When I took the hit I was outside in a kneeling position i put the bong to the right of the doormat i was kneeling on. When I came to I was upside down on our little hibachi grill. When I panicked I was searching for my body so hard when I jumped back into it I literally somersaulted forward onto the grill. Radical. My second try really made me key in on those realm highways but I didn't lose myself like the first go.


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