Salvia Trip

I fell through the chair


Posted by Anonymous on 24/01/2011
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Method of Ingestion:BONG

okay. So heres my story of my first(and last) salvia hit.
Me and the lads were talking about trying it for ages but had never acted on it. So i stepped up and got us some! (off amazon amazingly lol)

we waited for a while but it came early one morning. I awoke to my friends banging on my door saying it had arived. I HATE being woken up so was a little pissed off at them as they know this. I got over my hate as the SALVIA had arrived.
My mate did the first hit but didnt do much as we didnt know how much was the right ammount. he didnt have any trip.
i did the next hit. i really packed that baby,i was going for it! Set up the camera and did my hit. i held it for about 40 seconds till i first felt something. Then i really felt it telling the guys give me some time when it had been about 5 seconds. I put my headback then all of a sudden the chair i was sat in just gave way to a never ending hole. I was hanging on to the edges of this what i thought to be real hole. My friend are all sat around me laughing at me falling down this hole. I didn't see the funny side and tried to tell them to stop laughing and help me out of this stupid hole but i couldn't talk atall. i tried so hard but couldn't. i made some noise and put my headback. It immediately feels like im dreaming. i think i've worked it out and relax and wait to wake up. I then wake up in the chair again. i start to think that i was still tripping and i didn't think i was at the right "level". had been watching inception the night before while i couldn't sleep. I come to the conclusion that i was at the right level and watched all my other friends have their trips. We then spoke about what each of us saw and watched the videos of our trips and had a good laugh. That was my first and last salvia trip. lol


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