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I gone back to childhood


Posted by justme on 12/10/2010
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Method of Ingestion:bong

Yesterday was my first time im experiencing salvia with my mate. as it was our first, we are very careful with the dosage and seriously is pretty nervous.

almost as immdiate after inhaling the smoke, i found that im intertwined in a large pool of cream like fluid with colours and toppings as if im in a middle of a large macdonald's incream cone whihc keeps flowing in a circular motion and everytime when im almost fully submerged, i gone up again and started flowing down again.,... i feel so creamy and so wonderful...

then before i realise, i found im in forest and im part of a flowing stream, which the water is not fast.. i felt fully stretched and i could feel smooth round rocks or pebbles as i flow down... it was sonderful.. there are green trees, birds. and was warm and serene...

next i found myself at my old house where i use to stay when i was a child... the sky was dark and the sun was setting on the other side.. i felt so happy that im again a boy, without stress from work and from making a living.... then my tricycle in inbetween my legs.. i when peddling to my neighbour and found her coming up to me and touched my face.. (she was dead long ago.. n i knew it during trip).. i felt very happy and started talking like a boy.....

then i hope to see my dad (whom has passed on 5 years ago). the idea came to me when i remember that my neighbour has actually dead and i know im in a trip.. i longed to see my dad and i cycle back and forth just hoping to see him, the sky was darker and the orangy sun setting is fading... i know im coming back.. but im still hoping to wait for my dad to come home as i have a lot to talk to him.. then.. i when in to the house and came out and he is still not back, i do feel dissappointed but i know im coming back and ... im back....

the entire trip has taken my 45 mins and my sitter told me i was very very happy and i was laughing and describing everything i see.... i hope to see my dad in my next trip.


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Posted by grimjim on 11/03/2010
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Sounds like a very nice trip and good too on just 5x. Hope you find peace with your Dad. Don't force it. Be patient. Accept that what you might see is probably not your dad, just your minds eye, but I believe Sali brings some very special experiences.


Posted by justme on 11/10/2010
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My second trip and i finally saw my dad.. was really great and happy to see him again.

I told me he will come and fetch me in 15 years time and all i have to do to to have all my windows and doors open and i will know when he comes. I told him i am too tired and he told me then he will come and fetch me in 7 years time and it will due to a heart attack...

u think thats my dad?? or just imaginations?

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