Salvia Trip



Posted by Anonymous on 11/12/2010
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Type/Strength:leaves mix with unclean substance
Method of Ingestion:smoking

My humbling lack of knowledge on the topic of salvia divinorum led me to ordering simply raw foilage. I smoked it in a joint and the only effects were disorientation and frustration. I was about to give up and throw the rest away. Feeling ripped off I remember that I had a packet of spice. I am very cautious about spice. It is an unclean chemical made by mans curiousity. But for the sake of my own curiousity I mixed the two into two large joints and went to my back porch Where i created a meditation zone free of concern for safety. I distant street light illuminated the woods directly in front of my position. None of the shadows created by surrounding objects appeared to form anything that could be recognized by the human mind.
Here I began what I will never forget.
I had my ipod gently playing music while starting inhaling large amounts of the mixture into my lungs, Holding for as long as I could, when a peculiar song set in motion the events that took place that night.
the band is gorrilaz the song was all alone. as the song played I felt myself breaking through a barrier that was invisible to the bodys eye, but not the seeing eye of the soul The song then reached a point approx. 2 minutes that pushed me through and I noticed in the trees in front of me, a city. Seen from the eye of the flying raven. Buildings appeared, yet the architecture was of a bygone era. It disengaged from me and as a clutch does when changing gears and re-engaged as the song then changed to Micheal Jackson's Earth song.
As the birds in the music chirped and the piano began its introduction I was seeing in beautiful and striking definition, a sad tree rooted in a bed of floating rock, a fishing pole extending from its hands into the vastness of space, the tree had no hope of satisfying its hunger. It mourned, I felt its sorrow, as Jackson's voice pleaded for the end of injustice, I saw a spirit with its head against a different larger tree with the face of evil imprinted upon its trunk. I realized I was peaking into a realm that I was yet ready to see nor understand. I came back to my own word with this unnerving thought.
I have seen the spirit realm...


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