Salvia Trip

I saw the fuck again, and it is rather annoying in a way.


Posted by Anonymous on 16/02/2008
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Type/Strength:The Best Salvia 15x
Dosage:1/8th gram eyeballin' it, with about half that amount, again eyeballing it, of a legal herbal smoking blend.
Method of Ingestion:My old familiar waterpipe

Well, I decided to see if it would be interesting to put on a porno and masturbate right after taking salvia.  I thought that I would be able to since apparently the dosage I'm using is a level which didn't do much to me on previous occasions (unless SalviaZone product is a total and complete ripoff which I am now seriously suspecting).

After I put the pipe down, I apparently disappeared, I saw the fuck, and then I reappeared on the floor between one of my couches and one of my coffeetables.  I didn't really see anything, it was more like nonexistence.  The first thought in my head was that I was going to immediately die if I didn't fuck someone as soon as possible.

I lit a cigarette which I already had rolled (They always seem to help me put my mind back together), I tried to masturbate, but for no apparent reason I am impotent, and I wasn't having any trouble with winky yesterday.  I am starting to think that I don't have the ability to pleasure myself anymore, and I will need some help with it.

I tried to think of who I should call, but I can't really think of anyone who would be willing to fuck me right now.  I feel exceedingly disturbed, and apparently the fuck that I experienced is an actual item or emotional symbology which instills in the participant an all-consuming need to fuck, not alone, but with a real human being.  That is the only way I can possibly explain this sensation.

I am considering calling a girl I know who turns me on proper and I know she is single and she is probably free today.  Maybe I should just ask her if there is anything in this world which would convince her to let me fuck her.  And if she says it's there's no way, or she names something which isn't possible for me right now, I may just ask if she'd like to come over and have homemade Chinese food instead, and then work on her emotions a bit during dinner and dessert and see if I can't make it work.  Or perhaps I should just ask if she'd like to have dinner with me tonight, and if she balks tell her that our two mutual friends will be there.

Any advice? Should I try to get her into my house at least?  I literally feel as though I have a mortal illness only sex can cure, and like I said before, my own fingers aren't doing the walking this time, which to me is in itself  frightening though, since I'm normally good to myself about three times a day, six or seven on special occasions.  Although I have been trying to cut down to twice a day with some degree of success.

*update* I called the girl and got her voicemail. :( I invited her to dinner, and told her to call me back, then later my friend called her and she said that an old boyfriend came to town to see her, and she doesn't want him back but she's going to hang out with him just because he traveled a long way.  I told my friend that she would have told him she couldn't visit if it were true that she doesn't want him back.  WTF is wrong with me that I seem to have a whole different logic system working in my mind than what everyone else has?!?

Things like this make me feel so isolated and alone.  It reminds me of some years ago there were periods of weeks at a time in which I felt rather inhuman, like a robot or an alien or something who was having trouble learning Earth language.

I hope I don't fall into that again, using cannabis on a regular basis seemed to have snapped me out of it for a while, but I haven't had any cannabis for about five months I think and I know the political structure tries to claim that it has no useful effects for any medical disorder, but I must say that I am the fucking living proof, at least to my own mind, and nothing can convince me otherwise.  It's evil for Them to deny Me of something I believe is good for me, like one of the essential nutrients.  I feel that without that help I will regress to an inhuman state of mind, which I don't want to go back to.

And if you are tempted to say "You can learn to do it without cannabinoids", I invite you to spend a few weeks on a diet that doesn't include niacin, and I'll tell you that you can manufacture it from tryptophan.  Good luck with that.  Speaking of which, I think that something which happens to me when I smoke salvia is the reclamation of certain animal instincts, for which certain neurotransmitters are required which are essential nutrients so to speak, and have been made less available in the common food supply of the developed world.

I think that what we call psychoactive drugs are in reality either concentrated doses or stimulators to the production or utilization of these transmitters, and that's why some people feel such a powerful need to use them, just like the need to drink water.  That's why all attempts to suppress these chemicals fail.  Every time.  And ALWAYS will, until the powers decide that a "Final Solution" is needed.  I suspect also that the elites either continue to consume these nutrients when needed (either as the commonly known drugs, making them hypocrites, or by eating quantities of highly-nutritious foodstuffs which most people cannot afford) or else they simply are better able to synthesize or utilize them, therefore they don't NEED external sources, which makes them think they are superior to everyone else.  And if they are not needed for basic cellular metabolism, you can always shift the blame to personal behavior, and there's no real way to test it.  RUN THIS THROUGH YOUR LOGIC FILTERS BEFORE DENYING IT.

Before you call it quackery, look into food politics and western staple crops, and do some heavy reading on it.  Then come back and tell me it's not something highly advanced tyrants with huge pools of resources would want to try (the "more civilized" Hitlers of the world.  Don't think that spirit died when he took that cyanide cap, or that people like him can't obtain political power this day and age.  NEVER FORGET.).  The non-forcible, but nonetheless irresistible conquest if you will.  Please don't respond to this until you read up on farm bills, GMOs, monsanto, the South American farming politics, and the ownership of the mass media outlets which reach actual voters, and then see if you can tell me that it's either impossible or that we would know about it if it were happening.  </rant>



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Posted by wolfmoon559 on 10/31/2009
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shut the fuck up you fucking retarded idiot! and talk about salvia that is what the sight is about you fucking idiot!!!!!!

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