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i was a trainstation


Posted by Anonymous on 03/01/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smoking

My friend Sean and I had been planning to try Salvia for our first time together, and today was the day. He made some tinfoil pipes and we drove out to a secluded field. We sat on a tall narrow hill of red dirt and grass. He wanted me to take the first hit, so as he packed his pipe I hit mine.

I said, "That tastes like sh-t!" and Sean laughed and said, "Are you high?"
Now the next part I'll explain in his eyes first and then mine.
To him, after he asked me if I was high, one moment I looked as if I was going to answer and the next I looked like an animal. All of a sudden I started laughing and rolling in the thorns. Then I was screaming but laughing and trying to choke something out about a train.

Let me touch up on what was going on inside me.
He said, "Are you high?"
I was going to say, "No, not yet." but suddenly his edges were really clear, but everything else was blurry and liquid. Everything was flowing except his edges. I started to laugh because I felt really good. I leaned over onto my left elbow in the dirt and suddenly I became a train station. This is really hard to explain; I felt like an orange lump, and to my left from my shoulder was a brown lump (a male) and another orange lump (a female) and we were all moving very fast backwards across tall sand dunes. I wanted to keep moving and suddenly I looked at Sean. He was trying to get me out of the thorns, but in my mind he was trying to get on the train. The orange outline of the Beatles on his Magical Mystery shirt became the side of the train, and I could feel the station protruding behind my left shoulder. I kept trying to ask him, "Are you supposed to be on this train?" but I could only say "Train". Then I started to push him off because he was slowing down my train and I wanted to drive away. As I came down I kept trying to tell myself I was not a train, and I looked behind me and the trainstation was gone from my shoulder. I started to freak out and ask him where the train went. I was scared out of my mind and rolling in the dirt.

It was fun but terrifying!

We smoked again later that day and it was way less scary. We were in the middle of a forest and there was Spanish moss dripping from the trees. We were with our friend Jill. I took a big icky hit and held it in for ten seconds. I started to get lost in my head, and it felt like the forest was so much larger than it was, like it was four-dimensional or something, like there was so much space that I couldn't see, and I remember just sitting there thinking about it and then suddenly I felt like I had to do something but I didn't know what it was. Sean started poking me and asking me questions, but I told him "Be quiet, I'm looking for something." I kept scanning all the moss and suddenly I saw it. It was some moss hanging and the shape and the sun shining through it made it look like a T-rex. Suddenly I was really calm and I just stared at the T-rex and thought about it and felt like there was no time and no dimensions.

That's all for now, maybe one day I'll try it again.


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Posted by hero4evz on 01/03/2009
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Good depiction, but 60x for your first time!!! It also sounds like this was an attempt to just get high not something that was being used responsibly.


Posted by hellomuffin on 01/03/2009
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No, it wasn't an attempt to just "get high". We're good friends who wanted to experience it together. He's responsible and he's the only one I would trust to do it around. If we wanted to just get high, there are cheaper and easier ways and we'd do that instead wouldn't we? We don't make things like this a habit. In my eyes, it was responsible.

(if you're wondering, i wrote this experience)

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